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Giulia. Drops Her Single "Waiting," and We Are Speechless

From Toronto to New York, the singer/songwriter with a heavy jazz influence, Giulia. releases her wishful single "Waiting." Continually developing her sound that is both relevant and beyond her years, Giulia. mentioned that her music does not conform with any genre, as her influences come from many legendary female artists throughout the decades. Showcasing her third single "Waiting," we can feel the longing and contemplating that Giulia. has experienced after separating from someone else. She sings a jazzy alternative mid-tempo tune with such catchy melodies and an overall bright atmosphere. Wanting to reconnect with this person, Giulia. vocalizes these emotions in a remarkably poetic way.

"Waiting" starts with sharp electric guitar picking and smooth rhythmic percussion. As Giulia. begins singing, her vocals provide a warm embrace while she sings about wishing to be around someone who still has her heart. A variety of background vocals perfectly support Giulia. and give off that unifying feeling of connection. The jazzy instrumentals are so mellow and heartwarming, especially as they grow into a whole-sounding masterpiece through keys, bass, percussion, and electric guitar. We're more than impressed with this touching single, not to mention Giulia.'s vulnerability that allows her message to stand unhindered. "Waiting" has us waiting for Giulia.'s upcoming releases.

Listen to "Waiting" here.

Hey Giulia., welcome to BuzzMusic! We're in love with your warm and passionate single, "Waiting." Was the song inspired by living in New York, and being away from someone who still has an impact on you?

Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. Actually no, funny enough the song has nothing to do with New York. I actually wrote it one summer while I was in Europe, visiting a few cities on my own. I was sitting in a park in the middle of nowhere - exploring a town that a week prior, I barely knew existed - and as much as I loved being there on my own, I wondered how much better it could be if I was sharing the experience with someone else. There’s a cheesy saying that goes something like, “it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with” and I hate to admit it but it kind of rings true for this song. 

Within your single "Waiting," Giulia. shares these bright and jazzy instrumentals that let your message stand loud and clear. What kind of atmosphere were you aiming for with the instrumentals, and what did you want your audience to feel?

After I wrote the song, I took a voice recording (because I forget everything I write five minutes after writing it), and I remember looking around in awe, listening to what I just wrote, thinking, “this is exactly what I want people to feel when they hear this.” I wanted to emulate the moment I was sitting in; being so far away from the comfort but not wanting to be anywhere else, and being able to feel happy and lonely at the same time - two feelings that, prior to this experience, I didn’t think could co-exist. The sparse, jazzy instrumentals were my attempt at interpreting the images and environment I was surrounded by.

The overall sound within Giulia.'s single "Waiting" is so whole and natural. What was the song's recording process like, and did you have a band behind you to help reach your goal?

Thankfully, I was able to have a band behind me and we could record the track live in the studio, which definitely helped give it the super laid back, chill quality that it has. The recording process itself was really fun and easy, we recorded it a few times all the way through and then chose the performances we liked the best. The song is more or less one full take which I was really excited about because I wanted it to feel as natural as possible. 

We've heard that Giulia.'s sound is described as both relevant and beyond your years. Why do you think your music can resonate with many different people and of various ages? 

Like many young musicians, I’m always looking to artists of the past who’ve helped shape and build the sounds that we listen to on a daily basis. Jazz, rock, and R&B artists from the 70s, 80s, and 90s have, no doubt, had a huge impact, both lyrically and sonically, on my music. Actually a lot of my own sound would not be possible without the help of my father, who is a jazz guitarist and plays a huge role in the arrangement of some of my songs - this song especially. But of course, no matter what I write, there is always an undeniable element of me in it - my experience, the way I see the world, and the way I tell stories. I think the importance I put on myself to keep my music genuine to who I am and to write songs that sometimes feel so personal, is what allows my art to resonate with people regardless of age because there’s such a strong sense of connection. 

What's next for you?

I’ve got so much more music coming, with an original EP scheduled to be released at the end of the summer! With songs ranging from jazz-folk to electronic pop, it’s safe to say I’m exploring all different kinds of sounds with this EP. I’m going into my last year of university in September, so after graduating (on zoom, most likely) I can really focus on putting out more music and developing my sound. I’ve written a lot of songs over the past few years and they’ve kind of just been lingering on my computer (or in my brain), so I’m excited to get them out into the world.


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