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GIUSEPPE Inspires and Marvels in Brand New Release, "icarus"

Based in East London is GIUSEPPE, a refreshing artist that isn't afraid to intertwine contrasting elements of sound to create eccentric music stylings. GIUSEPPE paints a picture of raw and real emotion, highlighting the underpinnings of pain, hope and light in his music.

GIUSEPPE has the goal in mind of speaking out for "outcasts" and those who have felt like they don't naturally fit in. He's inspired to grow a community of listeners and help others through challenging periods of growth. Covering pivotal themes throughout his singles, such as spirituality, escapism, and dream-chasing, GIUSEPPE never fails to stimulate the creative minds of his listeners.

One of GIUSEPPE's latest original offerings, titled "icarus," is a collection of retro-styled synths that kickstart a timeless listening experience. The vocal calmness of GIUSEPPE sets a cool tone, and the freeing aspects of his voice inspire a daydream-like state. His sound in "icarus" is stratified in flavourful ways, as he blends together various personas that complement one another.

Sitting back and brewing in the savory sound that GIUSEPPE has to offer in "icarus" is purely relaxing and offers a period of reflection. GIUSEPPE's effortless ability to connect and impact listeners was displayed, and we're looking forward to more uplifting single releases from this alt/indie artist!

The release of "icarus" brought an exciting, refreshing, and new tone to light. Can you elaborate on your perspective whilst creating this single?

Growing up I heard a lot of 90's R&B/Soul, Jazz, and Alternative/Psychedelic Rock playing in my house. With "icarus" I wanted to make something that feels like that to me, something to bring me back to my childhood and the sense of freedom I felt like a kid but reinterpreted through the eyes of the 2020s. How did you feel "icarus" fit into your overarching goal as an artist to speak out for others and inspire listeners' inner confidence to emerge?

Icarus reflects the sense of transparency I display by allowing myself to be vulnerable, by trying to put my ego aside for a moment and speak my truth. I feel the need to speak about certain things in my records and if someone can relate to that or feel inspired that's amazing, if not cool, I didn't make this for you. I made this for kids like me, that growing up needed someone to understand them, and make them feel like they're not alone. What was the most inspiring element of the writing and recording process of "icarus" for you?

The outro for sure. I'm happy with the way it randomly came together and with the way I portrayed that picture and the sonic texture it's laid on.

How were you hoping that "icarus" translated to your listening base? Did you receive the reaction you were hoping for amongst your fan base?

I love hearing the experiences my fans have listening to my s**t. Some of these stories are actually crazy haha. I just need more people to hear my message and possibly be impacted to rewrite their own story and live the life they want to live, not the life everybody else wants them to live. We're only here for so long and people talk regardless, might as well do you unapologetically and try to reach your goals, leave something that could possibly outlast you, and help others.


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