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Give Love a Chance This Summer With Longshot's Heated New EP

Hip-hop artist Longshot is one of the hardest working and most underrated emcees out of Chicago, IL. Currently residing in Minneapolis, MN, Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances to inspire and motivate others.

Using this ammunition to fuel his most recent three-track project, 'Summer Love EP,' we get to witness the versatile techniques that make Longshot the established artist he is today.

With the introductory single-making waves with the eclectic instrumental foundation, Longshot collaborates with Lazerbank, Sledge, and Antonia in order to bring the heated vision to life. Swaying our mind through the vibrant soundscape that immediately has us wanting to get up and dance, “Back It Up,” etches a sense of melodically charged bliss into our lives. There’s a unique manner in which the summertime anthem trickles through your speakers with a powerful yet smooth conveyance. Commencing the project's smooth connotations in a way that has you wanting more, is exactly what we expect from Longshot on the 'Summer Love EP.'

Dipping us into a more cognizant offering with “Around Me,” we find ourselves fixated upon the lyrical overflow of emotion as Longshot authentically rides the cadences in a slick fashion. Transitioning between a rush of fast tempo rhymes, and the entrancing hold that the hook bears with a lyrical motif such as, ‘I need your love,’ present, Longshot gives us the best of both worlds in this perfectly placed record. Allowing himself to get a bit more vulnerable with the words that he expresses, we grasp onto the mindset that Longshot embodies when he is riddled with the drug of love.

“Kind of Luv,” is the final track on this trio of perfected love bops; and let us just say that the early to mid-2000s styling of the beat has us understanding why he would leave “Summer Love EP,” on such a high note. Dousing us in a realm of infectious grooves as the tempo blatantly infiltrates our speakers in the best way possible, Longshot has us singing along to the mesmerizing essence of the hook that describes the type of love he wants and needs. The doubling effect on his vocals that remain consistent through this EP truly reiterates what he wants to come across in a more prominent manner.

Giving everything a chance to breathe in its respected place of musical tenors, Longshot has done an exceptional job at navigating us through his sonic voyage of adoration. Listen to 'Summer Love EP,' on all major streaming platforms today.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Longshot, and congratulations on the release of such a versatile EP. We loved taking this body of work in from start to finish. What inspired you to craft a three-track body of work titled 'Summer Love EP?'

Thank you. The idea behind the EP was to give fans something to bump while Lazerbeak and myself finish the full-length album titled Spread Love. This is the Summer prelude to that project.

In your own words, what does this EP say about you as an artist and individual? What are you hoping that your audience can take away from it?

I just always want listeners to be able to relate somehow. Whether it's with the beats, the lyrics, the album art, any visual...I'm just trying to connect.

Was there a method to the order that each song falls into place on 'Summer Love EP?' Could you please take us into your reasoning?

I usually sequence the tracklist by feel. So 'Back It Up' just felt like it should be the first song. The production is the main source for figuring out that feeling for me. Lazebeak is a living legend and genius when it comes to production and I'm super honored to be able to rock with him and craft these songs.

Out of the songs that are offered up, do you have a particular one that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

They all hit for a different reason. 'Back It Up' has a completely different feel than what I usually write so that was super fun and I was able to show my versatility with my writing(I wrote both singing parts). 'Around Me' is kinda my way of breaking the love I want to receive from a partner and why it's important to have that type of love around. 'Kind Of Luv' is my love song to Hip Hop...the last line of the song: "I fall in love with you/every time I step in the booth". At the end of the day, I honestly think I'm afraid of giving in to love physically, so I write my lil songs...

What has been your proudest moment through your artistic career so far?

Any time someone comes up to me or sends me an email or dm telling me how much my music has helped them get through a difficult time in their life, or how they are inspired to go after their own dreams because they came across my music, that's the dopeness, that's the biggest reason I do this. I love making art and I love love love performing, but I love helping others the most. I'm never gonna stop working on bettering myself, in art and in life. My career hopefully reflects that work, passion, and growth. Thanks for listening.


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