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Glowing in Positivity and Awareness, Serena Foster Presents, "High School"

Photo: Brooke Boyer

LA-based Pop artist Serena Foster is known for her Electro-Pop vibes and unique style of singing. With a passion for performing and the detail that goes into her music videos, Serena Foster has returned with a hopeful message in the latest release of her sonic and visual presentation in, “High School.”

Written from a place of intimacy and familiarity, the empowering Serena Foster has dedicated the rhythmic essence elaborated musically in “High School,” to bullies absorbing space in the crowd. Collaborating with Starglow Productions, the cinematic approach taken towards the music video for “High School,” establishes itself in a high school setting.

Being a breeding ground for a competitive nature to take over, as kids are attempting to navigate through the years by being seen and heard, the mesmerizing visuals guide us through a narrative of a young girl, portrayed by Serena Foster, being bullied as she tries to find the self-esteem within herself to break free from the toxicity that cliques can have on one’s self. Hitting home on all the significant factors that bullying in schools embodies, the power that fuels the meaningful timbres of Serena Foster is unmatched.

Enduring pain and hurt from her own personal experiences, these moments have encouraged Serena Foster to spread awareness with this musical creation in hopes that this song can help anyone who has been bullied. Between the anticipation emitted on the tennis and basketball court, exhilarating choreographed dance numbers, and the illuminating light that shines on cliques, Serena Foster outdoes herself in this heartfelt performance that is meant to showcase the resilience that comes from hurdling over these hardships.

Capturing her empathetic quintessence through the brilliant execution of a song and video that pair together like a fine wine and main entree, this timeless piece has us fully enthralled with the creative genius awakening in Serena Foster each moment she gets.

The intimacy shed in “High School,” is a message that so many need to hear. How has the reception been for this music video and single? Is the style of this project like anything you have done previously? The reception for this release has been so incredible. This song and music video are so special to me, and something I have wanted to release for such a long time. I have never done anything like this and that is what makes this moment for me so very special. Could you please share a glimpse of the authenticity that has been captured through the cinematic component? Was this your vision from the beginning, and what was it like on set working towards something with this much power? There was nothing was more authentic than literally burning an old yearbook at the end of the music video, and walking away from the fire. For me, it all started with the basic concept of high school drama and a tennis match. I had an idea of what I wanted for this video, so I went to Kate B (the director), and she truly brought this entire vision to life for me. Kate and I truly worked from our hearts on this project, and I am so blessed for everyone that made it happen. Working on the set felt effortless because we had such amazing chemistry together as a cast and crew. I knew we had a powerful concept, and to have it executed the way we did, is something out of a movie. We love your sense of community that you bring outside your artistry. Could you please tell us a bit more about your non-profit organization No More Bullying? Of course! “No More Bullying” is a non-profit I started in 2020 with my friend Benjamen Janey! I plan to go into elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools to give assemblies and inspire kids to rise above bullying or any kind of discouragement towards doing things they love. What is the main message that you hope to send out to your audience as an artist? My main message will always be, to do what you love, and be who you want to be. I hope when my fans listen to my music or watch my music videos, they feel inspired. I hope they feel the way that I feel when I watch or listen to my favorite artists. I hope I give them the power and courage to be 100% themself. I hope I do what Lady Gaga does for me.



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