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GLVES Channels Strength and Change With Her Latest Single, "Heal Me"

Powerfully hailing from down under, the Australian First Nations electro-pop singer/songwriter GLVES summons inner-strength with her sophomore single, "Heal Me."

Instilling her Kaurareg and Polynesian heritage into her music, GLVES brings powerful themes of ritual, reverence, and naturally alluring beauty. Carrying a heavy electro-pop/dark pop atmosphere with her single "Heal Me," GLVES explores electronic production's sonic depths through gripping sub-bass, monstrous kicks, and unique drum patterns that give a taste of her culture. With repeating lyrics like "I summon the power to make my life flower," GLVES heats this single with courage, strength, and a need to flourish with prosperity and abundance.

"Heal Me" takes the listener on an intense and heavily inspiring journey as the track opens with haunting ghost vocals setting the ambiance for GLVES to thrive. This down-tempo and intricately produced track bring an inevitable heaviness that inspires the listener to find balance within their minds, bodies, and spirits.

As GLVES graces the song with her naturally angelic vocals, she shifts between her falsetto and chest voice with such ease while delivering contagious power that naturally mesmerizes any listener. While singing lyrics of bringing empowering change to allow for future growth, GLVES does an excellent job of allowing the listener to get lost in her music while taking away heavy concepts.

We're head over heels for GLVES' second single "Heal Me," and we're anticipating that the single will pave the way for her desires to be a reality.

How does your recent single "Heal Me" differ from your debut single "Abyss"? Do you feel that the songs have any similarities as well?

Heal me is different from Abyss because there is a stronger sense of hope and triumph by the end of the song. I wanted to convey a sense of awakening. It’s a continuation and development of the story though, whereas Abyss is an acknowledgment of where you are at, which I also see as empowering, they are both empowering in different ways, Abyss has the power of accepting an uncomfortable reality.

What inspired your powerful lyrical content within your single "Heal Me"? How did you go about writing such positive and empowering lyricism?

I started my songwriting journey in earnest after a health scare where I was facing chemotherapy which forced me to ask some deep questions about who I was and what actually mattered to me, and it brought into focus the fears I held and that I essentially let rule my life. I think a serious mortality check can have that effect sometimes. Writing music helps me tap into my unconscious and uncover things I didn’t have the language to explain or comprehend to understand, it helps me to decode puzzles inside myself. For a long time, I felt like my story didn’t matter, or those people wouldn’t want to hear it. So the energy left my heart and I struggled to find meaning. I always knew writing music is what I wanted to do, but I told myself a story that it wasn't worth pursuing and I would never have the confidence. Heal Me is like an anthem for myself to remember to believe in myself, that there is a life force bigger than you, even though it can feel like you are alone.

Seeing as your single "Heal Me" has this heavy electro-pop atmosphere, how did you place pieces of your culture into the production during your creative process?

It’s really important to have organic sounding percussive elements which I feel is a nod to my heritage, lots of drums, clap sticks, and bass. I like the sound to feel powerful.

You've mentioned that your Kaurareg and Polynesian heritage drives you to create, yet also a longing to further connect with your culture. How has your musical career helped you connect more with your culture?

Writing music has inspired me to explore my heritage and ask questions, it's also helped give a reason to reach out to strangers on the same journey. It's not an easy path to take, as there are so many unknowns and it's so emotionally charged for me for many reasons, but I've learned how to be okay with being uncomfortable with it, and not push it away, or hide from it.

Now that you have two released singles under your belt, has there been any talk of an upcoming EP or full-length project?

I would absolutely love to work on an EP, that is my goal. I have many songs to play around with and see how they could fit into this project, so fingers crossed the stars will align and it will happen soon.



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