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Go Rind in Circles with Jon Flynn's Solo Album, 'Citrus'

From Chicago to Southern California, the alternative artist and singer-songwriter Jon Flynn releases a blast from the past with his latest 12-track album, 'Citrus.'

Jon Flynn has always carried a profound passion for the sounds of the 60s and 70s, which is more than evident in his music today. After years of collaborating and taking part in various bands, Jon Flynn accumulated enough independent material to create and release his first solo album, leaving us with the nostalgia-infused project entitled 'Citrus.'

Opening the album is the wavy intro track, "Somewhere to Run," setting the project's nostalgic tone with heavily intriguing alternative instrumentals. While Jon Flynn sings of a troubled relationship coming to an end, the same theme continues with the following track, "Go On." While Jon Flynn offers more of a Tame Impala instrumental atmosphere through crashing percussion arrangements and 70s synth bursts, Flynn continues singing of moving on for the better.

Jumping into the energetic third track, "Wishing Well," the instrumentals kick through our speakers with punchy snares and incredible electric guitar melodies. Listening to Jon Flynn's savory vocals, he serenades us with another hopeful scenario of wishing for something sweeter. Landing on the album's fourth track, "Back to You," we should mention the instrumental and vocal similarities to the sweet sounds of The Beatles. While fueling his lyricism with more personal and hopeful themes of finding something better, Jon Flynn pushes an incredibly passionate atmosphere to accentuate his devotion for optimism.

Sinking into reflection with the next piece, "Be With You," the tender song lets us into a vulnerable theme with help from soft piano melodies, down-tempo drums, a saddening string section, and wavy electric guitars. While Jon Flynn sings of wanting nothing but to be in someone's arms, we drift into the next piece, "Prayin' Man." Reaching the album's halfway point, Jon Flynn punches our speakers with the utmost power and passion through his Sean Lennon-like vocals and the soulful instrumentation, touching on savory hints of blues-rock.

Hitting play on the project's seventh track, "Wonderful," we must note the brilliantly nostalgic instrumental atmosphere with help from multi-instrumentalist Jake Smith, as he and Jon Flynn push through this engaging and lighthearted track with incredible poise and heart. Livening our spirits with the next spicy tune, "Doin' What You Do," Jon Flynn opens the song with his flavorful vocals alongside his swinging instrumentals while singing of seizing each opportunity that's granted his way.

Through the next piece, "Empty," Jon Flynn offers more of a personal and introspective lyrical atmosphere while touching on the validation of his emotions and continuing down life's jagged path. While the instrumentals drift through our speakers at a down-tempo and relaxed pace, we move towards the next piece, "I Won't Try." A bright acoustic ballad that pays tribute to his individuality, Jon Flynn touches on deeply relatable and inspirational words like "-I won't try to be what the world wants me to be" while floating alongside the delicate instrumentals.

Drenching us in passion and heart with the next track, "Waste of Time," Jon Flynn pushes yet another incredibly dense instrumental atmosphere through the wavy and luminous arrangements while lyrically mentioning his motivating optimism for something greater. Landing on the album's reflective outro track, "So Sincere," Jon Flynn pours his fragile emotions over the soothing instrumentals while closing the album on an honest note. Through his lyrics that question someone's motives during a relationship, Jon Flynn attempts to place its shattered pieces together one last time.

Find clarity and nostalgia in Jon Flynn's debut solo album, 'Citrus,' and allow yourself to feel refreshed by each sweet and savory tone. Now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on your debut solo album 'Citrus.' We adore the sincerity, genuineness, and nostalgia within your debut solo album, 'Citrus.' What inspired you to gather your solo pieces to create your first independent album?

I'd been writing songs with my band the last 6 years and a lot of ideas for songs were left unfinished and put on the shelf. I noticed the pile of unfinished songs was getting bigger and that a couple of them dated back to 2012 - 2014. Determined to finish these fragments and flesh them out into an album, I recorded demos and sent them to my old collaborator Jake Smith to see if he'd help me with the drums and finish the arrangements.

Were all the songs within 'Citrus' created before the idea of the album, or did you write/create any new pieces to add to the project?

Most of the songs were created prior to realizing they'd be on my solo album. some of them were intended for the band I play in Diamond Hands and a couple of them were written as the album was being recorded. The title was the last piece, it was chosen once the recording was finished.

What was it like working with multi-instrumentalist Jake Smith when creating the instrumentals for your album 'Citrus?' Is this your first time working together?

I'm glad you asked that because it was AMAZING! Jake and I grew up together in a small town outside Chicago and our first time playing together was our 8th grade graduation dance. after that, we played and recorded regularly through high school and college. once the bands broke up and I moved to LA we didn't work together for a number of years. Because of the decade playing and touring together though our chemistry remained intact and we picked up right where we had left off years before.

Where did the album title, 'Citrus,' originate from, and how does it relate to the 12 tracks within the project?

Citrus Ave. It's the street I lived on when I moved to LA from Chicago. I wanted something simple that anyone could recognize and I think the title and the orange on the album cover achieve that.

Throughout the entirety of your album 'Citrus,' what was the central concept or theme that you wanted to convey to your audience?

It's all about moving on and not being stuck in the past. Live in the moment and keep pushing forward, that's the message.



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