GOALDY Portrays a Heated Atmosphere With His Single “Scrimmage”

Coming in from Toronto, Canada, artist/rapper GOALDY blows modern hip-hop out of the water with his fresh single "Scrimmage." Inspired by some of the greats among hip-hop (Jay-Z, Kanye, Slum Village, and Madlib), it became evident to GOALDY that he had to create music that sticks for a lifetime. Doing so with his modern vibe of a single "Scrimmage," we can hear a different approach to hip-hop, instead of regular kicks and drum patterns GOALDY brings in a textured and authentic manner. Through what sounds to be intoxicating lo-fi, offbeat, and unique production, GOALDY raps with poise overtop and delivers with perfection.

Opening with filtered underlying jazz instrumentals, "Scrimmage" starts off setting out this dark yet heavily intriguing atmosphere. With the few flicks of a lighter and a soft inhale, we know that GOALDY is about to add some heat to the song. As the production gradually grows with added percussion, the beat truly becomes one you've never heard before. GOALDY begins rapping with force, yet in an incredibly laid back manner that exudes confidence and heightened self-worth. We can feel that "Scrimmage" has a freestyle tone to it, as GOALDY mentioned that this track goes out to his boys who'd get him out of class to freestyle for fun. A short track but one that truly doesn't miss a beat, GOALDY's "Scrimmage" displays nothing but authenticity.

Be sure to listen to "Scrimmage" here.

Hey GOALDY, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really getting down with the unique and lo-fi beat you’ve displayed with “Scrimmage”. How did you come across this authentic jazz-infused hip-hop beat?

I actually received this instrumental from my longtime producer homie Martin Sole (@martinsole) a while back, I’m talking 2 years ago when producers were deep into that lo-fi, glitchy Soundcloud era. All of our influences like your Dillas or your Madlibs would use the lo-fi effect over smooth jazz samples as well, so we used to just craft our music with their tricks and it worked out for the best. Now my boy Sole could most likely whip up 100 of these in a day.

GOALDY’s lyricism on “Scrimmage” brings in this serious tone, but you rap about some playful and fun-loving situations. What sort of message or vibe did you want to set out with “Scrimmage” as a whole?

The main thing I focus on while writing is how I'm going to make the listener feel from beginning to end. This was a very dark beat but I wanted to show I can control the room and bring light to the song with witty & playful lyrics. This relates to myself perfectly because I’ve always been one to find that light in the darkness and make the best out of my given situation.

Seeing as “Scrimmage” is an incredibly unique song from production to flow, it must give GOALDY’s discography some range and added heat. Do you have other songs that range similar to “Scrimmage”, or was this the first sort of lo-fi down-tempo approach you’ve experimented with?

This was definitely just one of many lo-fi songs in my artillery like I mentioned previously. I was heavy on that sound while it was growing vastly on SoundCloud and I even picked up a Native Instruments: Maschine to start making my own lo-fi downtempo beats to rap on. As far as ones that are already released, my Soundcloud is flooded with them and you’ll really hear me get experimental on different producers beats and even some of my own. The song topics range from love tracks to real life and both come with more witty lyrics and bouncy flows. 

We’ve heard that GOALDY is always busy writing, but recently you’ve been honing in your production skills to fine-tune your craft. What should we anticipate from your productions in the future? What sort of sound might you provide to listeners?

Staying busy and always getting to it will be your two favorite things when it comes to fine-tuning your craft and showing growth. With that being said I’ve been very experimental, trying to work with different instrumentals from house to trap. Each time my listeners hear me I want them to expect something new, so I practice writing over things out of my comfort zone which helps bring out a musical side of me I would’ve never known. This sound will forever expand and I’ll be bringing that to the table with every release.

Thank you for talking with us GOALDY, what are you currently working on? We can't wait to hear what is next!

Currently, I’m back in the studio working on two EP’s, one being a joint EP with my bro Tay Jireh (@tayjireh) that will shake things up for sure and the other is my own and man... we will set the bar with both of those. Between now and the time those are released, expect to hear my voice on features, see my face in music videos, and possibly relate to my words with a couple of singles. Thank you,  now it’s back to the lab to create magic!