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“Going Extra” the New Hype From Preco Hustla

If you’re ready for a banger then get into Preco Hustla’s newest single “Going Extra”. “Extra extra, why you acting extra? Extra extra, I need all the extra” the opening of the song begins with a catchy hook that’s bound to get stuck in your memory like glue. By the opening hook, we instantly knew the lyrics in this song were about to hit and we weren’t wrong! The lyricism in “Going Extra” was strong and on point! Every aspect of the songwriting was metaphorically witty and Preco Hustla gave us a variety of different quotable punchlines. “Going Extra” has the type of beat that could be played throughout clubs and radio around the world - due to the nice blend of real gritty hip hop and vibrant trap.

Preco Hustla had a smooth delivery and his flow was clean and well-executed. Preco Hustla transitioned the dynamics in “Going Extra” from hype to laid-back which was versatile and complex in skill. Preco Hustla has the potential to be a great mainstream hitmaker with music that’s going to have the crowds hyped! Preco Hustla has that southern ATL vibe to his songs which makes him even more compelling. By listening to “Going Extra” you can hear that he’s a product of his residence. ATL has birthed some of the greatest rappers you can think of and Preco Hustla is the next big thing to come out the founding city of trap music.

Listen to “Going Extra” by Preco Hustla here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Preco Hustla! Tell us about living in Atlanta. Were you heavily influenced by the trap sound that’s popular there?

Yea I moved to Atlanta In 2010 for college but my intentions were to start my music career. I dropped out the first to pursue my career with the people who I learn more from then the professors

Talk to us about your song “Going Extra”. What was the theme of this record that you were going for?

Jus a motivation purpose for people to go extra hard with everything they do. Despite others doubting them or trials and tribulations.

How would you describe the songwriting approach to “Going Extra”? It’s aggressive with a lot of energy.

What was your personal favorite element to the beat in “Going Extra”? The piano playing behind the bass. I love that sound.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2020 Preco Hustla?

Drop more videos, content, jus all around new music until I make the world listen!



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