“Going Under” By Dead Levee Proves Real Rock Lives On

Dead Levee is an old-school, no-nonsense rock 'n roll band comprised of members from various towns and cities in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. Their aggressive, organic, and attitude-driven style harkens back to the high energy outlaw rock 'n roll of the late 60's and early 70's. Big, bold guitar solos, rippin’ vocals, and heart-pounding drums revitalize the contagious energy of rock ‘n roll that the world fell in love with in a fresh new way.

Keeping classic rock and roll alive and kicking in every possible way, Dead Levee pour through with “Going Under”. Featuring insanely powerful and stylish vocals, infectious guitar riffs, well-placed distorted, manic drums, and immensely addictive, energizing songwriting. “Going Under” is an absolute highlight, the song rains down around you like a nostalgic hit from yesteryear...though you get the clarity and power of something completely youthful and rooted in the contemporary world. “Going Under” is effective and professionally crafted so as to inspire and satisfy. A perfectly addictive new track form a band that will almost certainly reignite your love for live rock and roll.

Check out “Going Under” by Dead Levee here and read more with the band in our exclusive interview below!

Hey Dead Levee! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the new song!! What does the “Going Under” represent for you?

Going under is a song about trying your best to keep your head above water as you struggle with vices and crutches in life. Kind of a universal feeling between all people.

What prompted you to first start making music, and what drives you to continue?

The first time I listened to Appetite for Destruction by GNR front to back at the age of 12 something clicked in my head and I realized this is all I want to do. 

Every time I play a show the energy being passed back and forth between myself and complete strangers is just so addicting and beautifully primal. The fans really charge my battery and remind me why I got started and why I have to continue.

If you could play any event or venue in the world, past or present, which would you choose and why?

Well the obvious answer would be Woodstock right? But Madison square garden, Hollywood bowl, or Wembley stadium would all be unreal. 

What are your thoughts on the current mainstream music industry and the future of rock n roll?

Well there's some things going on in mainstream music I'm not overly stoked about. That being said there are a lot of fantastic things happening, especially with rock and roll. I'm loving this old school sound resurfacing in a new exciting way with bands like Greta Van Fleet, the Struts, and the Glorious Sons to name a few.

What’s next for you?

Write, record, tour repeat. 

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