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Gold Loses Control In, “Not Myself”

A native of Rogers Park, the multi-genre artist Gold has released his most recent single, “Not Myself.”

Gold is a musician who is always moving between multiple genres, taking sounds from Hip-hop, R&B, and EDM. Its craft is a fusion of these genres. That way, he has created a world of music in which his listeners can immerse and find a little of themselves in it. Thus, listening to Gold’s music is a touching and soulful experience.

“Not Myself” is no exception to the beauty of Gold's work, the lyrics of this Hip-hop-leaning song are a cry for a company that won’t judge you, an acceptance of not being okay by ourselves all the time. It would be best if you had someone to stay with when you are not yourself. The Techno sounds help to accent the emotional aspect Gold is showing here.

When playing “Not Myself,” you encounter an ethereal ambiance with digital notes and a sweet distant melody. It soon turns into a hi-hats-driven track with a gentle but excellent bass that highlights Gold's vocals. His voice has a contagious effect that makes you want to sing along with him.

The reverberant effect on Gold’s voice gives weight to the lyrics, so you can relate to his words and feel the emotions he seeks to transmit. Although we could classify “Not Myself” as Hip-hop, it is rather experimental and shows Gold’s unique mark, and we hope to hear more about it in the future.

Not feeling like yourself lately? Music will never leave you alone. Hit the play button on “Not Myself.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Gold, and congratulations on your latest release, "Not Myself." What was the experience that took you to make “Not Myself?”

I wanted to dive deeper into myself and unlock a different part of my mind. I wanted to create something different than my usual style of music, so I reflected on times I felt I was not myself. The vulnerability throughout my music has nothing on the transparency of what I’m giving you with my next project. This single is just an introduction to the ride I’m going to take my audience on.

How did making “Not Myself” help you grow as an artist?

“Not Myself” allows me to be unapologetically me. It allows me to embrace every aspect of myself and strengthens my authenticity even more.

How do you handle mixing genres while keeping the ambiance of “Not Myself?”

Adaptability and years of experimenting. If I can pull off a sound that’s different from my norm, then I can pull off anything. I listened to much different musics growing up that influenced me to be the artist I am today. So when I fuse genres, I express all the different sides of myself. I identify common ground between the two genres, and Gold fills in the missing piece in the middle.

Who do you wish to stick around when you are not yourself?

My family, my woman, my fans, and my team. I love to be surrounded by genuine love and productivity when I'm not myself. Being productive gives me something to look forward to. It motivates and inspires me to keep going.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on my album “Venus In Taurus”. I’m confident that this project will get the recognition that it deserves. I’m stepping on everything, and I’m making them stand if you doubt me. During the release of the album, I will be dropping visuals and building my fan base. I will launch my merch and solidify my “Trust The Dream” business. An Entertainment and multimedia company specializing in giving creatives greater visibility and a platform to turn their dreams into a career.


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