Goldthread Emits Rays Through A "Tiffany Skylight"

During the Coronavirus quarantine in spring 2020, Kaylene and Lauren of the band Keys and Corridors decided to take the plunge and change their name to Goldthread. Reflecting on two years of writing hits from Akron, Ohio, the group felt they had outgrown their original band name, wanting to embrace a new chapter that better aligned with their empowering musical talents and accomplishments.

Goldthread's mass following of supporters welcomed this rebirth with open arms, and undoubtedly, the band has put it on display with their newest song, "Tiffany Skylight." Goldthread is what you would get if Coldplay and Paramore gave birth to a creative concept into the realm of dark pop and alternative rock.

Along with their poignant female vocals and hypnotic guitar-driven instrumentals, what makes Goldthread unique is their deep, creative storytelling flooded with profound authenticity in each of their songs and videos. As we take our attention to the visual pairing that coincides with the beauty of "Tiffany Skylight," we're lost in a sea of edgy melodies that welcomes the band to full performance in an abandoned space with warm hues of lighting to give their audience familiarity to latch onto.

The mesmerizing scenes are brought forth with contemporary dance that wistfully pulls you into an interpretive side of the artistry. With two masked performers exuding emotion as the ebb and flow of "Tiffany Skylight" carries forth, the filmic component excels with a film noir approach. The sonic element takes inspiration from a true story about a man so enthralled in a life of pretending grandeur and riches that he loses sight of what is truly important. In his own house, right above his empty ballroom, was a Tiffany Skylight worth more than his accrued debts. Seeing the solution before his eyes, his lack of gratitude and appreciation leaves him and his significant other growing apart. Still, the irony is that all the man's debts and resulting problems could vanish if he would put his materialism to rest.

Absorbing the creativity that unravels before our eyes, Goldthread places the band's brilliance on display as they take us along on a meaningful journey of what happens when greed gets the best of you. Take "Tiffany Skylight" in for yourself on Goldthread's YouTube channel.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Goldthread! Before we get into this fantastic record that you should all be incredibly proud of, we'd love to chat about your name change and its significance. Could you please take us deeper into the insight behind this?

A lot of thought went into our name change and rebrand. While our previous project still loves all of the music and memories that we carry, it just didn't feel like us anymore. Kaylene and I have grown so much as artists and as people. We've been playing music together for nearly ten years now, and our old name felt like it no longer reflected who we were. Plus, we were heading in a different direction musically – adding all of that together, it felt like the right time to retire Keys & Corridors and become Goldthread.

Goldthread is inspired by this art form called kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. It's a beautiful idea that we are more lovely, valuable, and golden for going into those broken places and healing them. It's something I value as a person and something I try to weave into every story I tell.

We love the entirety of "Tiffany Skylight." We look at it as an experience from the song to the video! Could you please share a glimpse into what it was like filming the music video for this record?

The whole process of filming Tiffany Skylight was terrific. We knew that the visual of the skylight was crucial to giving the song the epic feel that we wanted, and Kaylene found the world's largest Tiffany Skylight in Chicago – so we had to get in there!

We were so excited to have dancing as the critical visual underneath the skylight. Dance is such a beautiful expression of emotion, and the dancers did an incredible job choreographing a "push and pull" dynamic. Overall it looked stunning. I wouldn't change a thing.

Are there any key people who have played a role in bringing "Tiffany Skylight" to life? How have they been able to elevate the experience?

Everyone involved was terrific to work with, especially Mercedes Arn-Horn (director) – she CRUSHED it. She is so visually creative, and she brought so many ideas to life. I'll never forget watching her design the masks that the dancers wore – she did all of that herself, from choosing the mask shapes, painting on the gold, distressing the masks in just the right ways. It really felt like those small details tied the story together. She just pours so much passion into everything that she does – and it makes you believe in yourself too, having someone like that in your corner, encouraging you, and bringing out your best. I can't wait to work on the next video with her! ;)

In your own words, what would you like your audience to take away from this masterpiece?

Masterpiece, I'll take it! Hahaha. I think what we like the most about this song and this story is that on its surface, it's just a love song…but when you really dive into the lyrics and the story we tried to convey through the dancers, there's something much more nuanced, more sinister. There's a darkness in this song.

The lyrics may seem like it's a happy couple at first, but they're desperate. They're conniving. They're using each other. This relationship is a toxic one. When people watch and listen, I hope that they see the layers underneath the surface and really catch what we were trying to say. We took the voice of someone pursuing wealth and status above all else, someone trying to mask their insecurity and desperation, to portray what the cycle of an abusive relationship can look like.

What's next?

We are so excited to start recording again! We have a lot of ideas that we can't wait to weave together. It's been so encouraging releasing this first EP. We can't wait to start the cycle over and share the next set of stories with you.