Spencer Gonzalez Will Rock Your Face Off In A Way That Makes You Smile

Remember when TV wasn’t so glossy? Remember when men could say it like it was. I’m thinking about the golden era of the Howard Stern, when he got his TV show around the time of the Gulf War. That’s the promise of Spencer Gonzalez. A music that is raw and rough, but a tad chivalrous, too. I’m saying this definitely needs to be the theme song for a nostalgic cable access show.

We’re not worried about the concerns of the world, but rather the task at hand. It’s kind of like the way you feel when you leave the hipster nexus of Silverlake where cappuccinos cost an arm and a leg and head to some East LA haunt like Highland Park. They’re you’ll find beers for three bucks and enough room to breathe — if you aren’t swallowed by urban decay. And you’ll find this kind of music blaring from the "alternador shop. Spencer Gonzalez is a man who appreciates a good wailing guitar solo. And he’s about to reveal his unspoken word, aka The Untold Truth, his album dropping Feb. 23. This is the stuff of Guitar World tablature mags and dusty garage jam sessions.

At a time when rap music is claiming the top spots at the Grammys and on music charts worldwide, Gonzalez is reaching back to a more familiar, rockin’ time. You can’t knock hard work. And you gotta love a guy that isn’t about the autotune or the mumbling — just clear-cut, well-executed rock n’ roll.