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Good.To.Go and Phelonius Munk Offer Up Sizzling, "ATTITUDE"

The fierce alliance between freestyle Punk Rock nomad emcee Good.To.Go and Phelonius Munk, a jazz-obsessed beat aficionado and the tone-tinkler-in-chief, was a duo that never intended to know or understand the sound they were achieving.

Punk Jazz was born into the music industry as an attitude of both those genres on their own but as a cocktail of the enormous power, it possesses. Their collaborations have so far been as unpredictable as they are, ultimately making music that flows.

In an ambient atmosphere that screams vibrant synths and eclectic resonance, their latest single “ATTITUDE,” embodies exactly that. Delving into the dynamism that roars in a fusion of soothing vocals singing sweet melodies that gently greet the buoyant cadences that are heavily dipped into a rhythmic pot of emcee like pizzazz, we’re offered up a variety of sounds that flow together in an effortless manner.

With the weighty anticipation that allows you to remain fully invested in each twist and turn that carefully unwinds, you glide into a paradise that only Good.To.Go and Phelonius Munk are the gatekeepers.

Buried in the intricately crafted lyrics, Good.To.Go and Phelonius Munk exudes a larger than life persona of a light that cannot be dimmed. They vibrantly flaunt their natural state amongst the provoking instrumentation through each reverberated phrase that packs a punch. Welcoming us into their musical kingdom, we are warmly invited and find that the sounds in here are greater than unique.

By using each of their talents to fuel one another, the vitality that thrives in this environment is unmatched and untamed. As they so strikingly put it in “ATTITUDE,” ‘Our flame can never be contained.’

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Good.To.Go and Phelonius Munk. Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “ATTITUDE.” With the unreal chemistry between you two, could you please tell us; how did the creation of your Punk Jazz fusion come to be? PM: Just like the early planetary collision, our worlds smashed into one another and the settled dust revealed a lifeform so unique, our heads still buzzing. GTG: Yup.

What moment or story inspired the creation of, “ATTITUDE?" PM: Attitude is our ode to California. People from here have a certain way of life and this distinction is reflected in their ATTITUDE. The story is narrated from an outsider's perspective to explain that this is how we do it. We sampled Leon Ware’s This is why I came to California for genuine SoCal flavor. GTG: well said, 'Attitude' was also both of us meeting for the first time, when PM played the beat, the energy and freestyle came naturally, capturing the similar message and presence weaved in between the samples, notes, and bass Through the chaos of 2020, how has it been being able to stay creating with one another? Have there been any challenges that you have had to overcome? PM: The chaos is what really brought this together. We had broken cars, faulty equipment, living room recordings, and late-night sessions. This is not a play and we took the work seriously. Our sister single Heard Em Say captures our big Q. mood perfectly. GTG: The fact that we didn't know each other before the chaos too is what sparked the element of spontaneity and creativity. 'heard em say' also, freestyled and written in that first/same afternoon is an explosion of energy finding the positivity of isolation with yourself and your close circle. (if yall wanna hear sister track: Heard Em Say) What subjects and messages do you want your listeners to take away from the melodies that you create? PM: Beauty is in the eye. We like our music first and that energy is what makes others dig it. Yes, we want the head boppin’ but we invest heavily in intricate wordplay and content-based weirdness so we got you covered in both party and chill at home modes.

GTG: Improv and first instincts seem to be a common thread between these first singles and the EP that's dropping in 2021. Anything goes, all are invited. Some of the messages are straightforward but underneath musically and lyrically there are layers and messages for the relistens/replays 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so? PM: We felt more inspired this year than ever! Exercise, eat clean, listen to the records, and adventure away. You can’t write about life if you don’t live.

GTG: Second that. Live your life, listen to other people, motivate yourself, motivate other people, and enjoy the day today. Moment to moment awareness and the power of now echoes daily routines and all musical things.



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