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Good Vibes Only With Dustin Paul And Tom Enzy's “Good Day”

Being an authentic performer is in Dustin Paul’s DNA. Singing and performing since the age of 14, this led Dustin Paul to lead his previous band to have millions of viewers on Youtube and much success. Now a solo act, Dustin Paul has garnered himself an impressive following and fanbase. Writing for many notable producers, Dustin Paul has a long list of achievements from his craft. Currently, Dustin is preparing to go on tour, as well as working on his upcoming EP, full of solo music and exciting new DJ collaborations.

We check out Dustin Paul’s latest release “Good Day” ft. Tom Enzy and we can’t get enough. High energy from beginning to end, “Good Day” will hit any listener straight in the heart. All about having a good time and enjoying life to the fullest, Dustin and Tom know how to create good vibes and relatable lyrics. “Good Day” is the perfect song for that late-night aura or for diving into and dissecting the lyrics. “Good Day” boasts insanely catchy lyrics and an all-around infectiously energizing mood. The song’s concept is represented flawlessly in everything from the lyrics to the general mood it gifts the listener. I’m excited to hear where else the music takes Indite in the coming months and years.

Listen to “Good Day” here

We absolutely love the new song “Good Day” with Tom Enzy! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song?

I wrote that song at a time where I had just parted ways with my long-time band and was really digging deep to find my sound as a solo artist. I was kind of feeling like I was at a dead-end, while at the same time very musically free. As it came out of me, it kind of felt like my swan song, and I think that is why it is so powerful. It was originally recorded a bit slower and a bit less electronic titled "Good Day To Be Alive", then Tom came along, and added his magic as a DJ/Producer to up the ante. We decided to rename it to just "Good Day."

Have you worked with Tom before? Can we expect to see another collaboration between you two on your upcoming EP?

I've known Tom for a handful of years, and we are actually playing with some new ideas right now. He's super talented

As an incredibly experienced singer/songwriter, how do you find each project you've been apart of has ultimately shaped your sound and musical execution today?


The great thing about music is that you can constantly discover something new to say and way to say it. I love working and collaborating with different songwriters, DJs, and producers because you can really learn something from everyone if you pay close enough attention. I think energy is a big thing, and surrounding yourself with people who are better than you is the key to growth and self-discovery. That's what I try to do with every new song.

How would you say you personally navigate through the music world? What's your secret in becoming a well-rounded artist?

The music world these days is a complex game that requires more than just music-making. It requires artists to develop their own brand and personal touch. With social media and technology, fans are more involved in the story and day to day lives of their favorite artists. The key is to let them in and be vulnerable. I think the best part of all this is that people aren't looking for perfection. They are just looking for a connection. In that way, I love this time for us as artists. We have the power, and it's all about utilizing it.

Thank you so much for chatting with us! Can you tell us more about your upcoming live performances? Do you prefer live performance over the actual songwriting/recording process?

I spent the first couple of years of my solo "career" locked up in studios writing songs and collaborating in order to find myself in music all over again. This past year, I finally got my live show together and have been going out and playing again (some of my songs even for the first time). Honestly, I find myself strongly drawn to both live performances and songwriting/recording because the dichotomy of it all excites me. It makes zero sense to the brain to be alone (or in a quiet songwriting setting), introspective, reflective and then to go out and be the loud life of the party on a stage. But I live for those extremes.


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