GoodWillHunter Proves He's the Secret Ingredient on Latest Hit "I Got That Sauce"

A buzzing chiptune of sound surrounds you as you press play on GoodWillHunter's latest release, "I Got That Sauce." Growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, Goodwill focused his time and energy on making music and playing basketball, while being inspired by the heavy hitters such as Biggie, Nas, and Cash money. "I Got That Sauce" features a fluidity of sound with funky keyboard synths, 80's inspired synthesized percussion and a charged vocal performance.

GoodWillHunter raps with prowess and stance as the funky soundscape reverberate around his rhymes. The interchanging elements of sound make "I Got That Sauce" a total blast to listen to- it's heavy, it's loud, and you want to blast this from your car stereo. There are so many fun hooks and sonic details that make this track. We especially dig the way the bass gets positively pelvic-thrustingly funky throughout the record. GoodWillHunter gives an authentic performance, demonstrating his multi-faceted approach to landing rhymes. He can easily flow through unprocessed verses and delivers an equally impressive performance as his voice echo's through various synths throughout the performance. We cannot get enough of GoodWillHunter's latest hit, "I Got That Sauce." Now it's our turn to pass the "sauce" to you and hit play.

Listen to "I Got That Sauce" here.


Hello GoodWillHunter, and welcome to BuzzMusic. "I Got That Sauce" blew us away! Can you start by telling us a bit more about the track and how it came about? First I want to thank you guys for having on your platform. I’m glad that you guys love the record I Got That Sauce. The way I came up with the record I was at my friend's house. We were just hanging playing instrumentals and the beat just spoke to me. I thought about feeling good and feeling good about creating music and I got the sauce came about. 

You mentioned you grew up in a conflicted area, how has that shaped the sound we hear from you today? I think the area that I’m from shaped the sound of music as it shows the raw and gritty ness. You can hear it in my delivery when I’m rapping. I also think it shaped it to be witty and flamboyant with style because I’m where we like to show out in the summertime. I think because our summer months aren’t as long as other parts of the country & think you can hear that in music.

You recently worked with producer David Sisko on your latest project. Can you tell us a bit about that experience and how his influence has shaped your sound? Ummm working Sisko (what I call him) in the studio is like a release. It's like a strong bond between brothers to get a job done that we both love. He helps me a lot with using my voice and challenges me to take it to another level but also be comfortable with what I’m doing in the studio. I love that about 'em - he lets me do me and we create some timeless records together.

You have such a fluid sound and create fresh, original pieces that really stand out from others. What is the overall tone you want listeners to take away from your music?

The tone that I want others to take away from my music. Is just to count yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself. I want people to turn to my music when they’re feeling down or feeling up or need a pick-up. Just that piece of music that will get you through the day. 

Thank you for talking with us, GoodWillHunter. What will you be working on in the coming months?

Thank you guys for having me as far as me, just putting together more dope music. 

Looking to finish up the short film that I've been working on. I think people are going to love what I’m bringing to the table coming up.