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Gordon Sends Us Into R&B's Bliss With His Latest Hit, "Out of Mind"

Hailing from Toronto, the R&B and Trapsoul artist Gordon takes us on a heartfelt journey with the intro track "Out of Mind" for his latest album 'True Colours.' Influenced by R&B staples like Bryson Tiller and partynextdoor, Gordon finds himself attaining inspiration from R&B across the board, from old school to modern-day. With a goal in mind to allow listeners to feel emotion while listening to his music, Gordon has genuinely made it difficult to turn away from such an irresistible sound.

With his recent hit "Out of Mind," Gordon offers the utmost modern production elements while instilling his melodic vocals and textured flow into a mere two minutes. We can't help but feel this astonishing resemblance to Bryson Tiller through Gordon's warm vocals serenading anyone who listens.

"Out of Mind" begins with ambient R&B pads drifting in the background while a deep drum break makes its appearance and drops into a whole-sounding modern R&B groove. As Gordon begins vocalizing the deep emotions that linger in his mind, we can't help but feel swooned by his natural charm and brilliant vocals. The production offers deep sub-bass that pushes through our speakers with warmth and this organic sensation of lust. That being said, Gordon pushes that sensation of lust and overpowers it with emotions of love and not being able to shake someone from his brain.

The overall track "Out of Mind" captures modern-day R&B to the highest degree through Gordon's passionate lyricism, melodic vocals, and the supporting sultry and warm production.

We're genuinely lost in the warmth of your recent hit, "Out of Mind." What pushed and inspired you to create such a passionate single?

the Inspiration for my song out of mind is from a past relationship that didn’t really live up to expectations. mainly because I was really young at the time didn't really have a real understanding of what it meant to be in a relationship and a lot of things were simply just rushed.  But as I got older wiser and gain a better understanding. That’s when the what-ifs kicked in what-if got that second chance what if we tried this again but obviously that didn’t happen so this songs is just my way of trying to write my wrongs, letting the someone that if we tried it again It would be so different then the first time. A lyric from the hook is “bare girls in the city but you the one I want by my side “. I feel like that describes my emotions when I was writing this song perfectly. you heard the saying there’s plenty of fish in the sea and that’s definitely true, but everyone has that one person that makes you feel some type of way.

Regarding your track "Out of Mind," what did your songwriting process look like when arranging your words to capture how you feel yet also be equally stimulating for the listener?

So the songwriting process for our mind goes like this, I came up with a hook first, one that describes how I’m feeling perfectly and sets the theme for the song right away.  And as for verses I freestyle them, anyone that knows me, knows to freestyle a majority of my songs. I go in there with an idea of what I want to say but I usually let the raw emotion take over and that’s when I usually make my best work and my more relatable songs and in this case, I feel like it works!

Why did you want "Out of Mind" to lead the way for listeners when experiencing your album "True Colours"? What made the track a perfect introduction to the rest of the album?

Well, I pick out the mind for the first song simply because, I felt like it was the perfect song to start the project. From the first beat drop to the first verse to the slowed and reverb ending, you instantly catch a vibe or it, it really set the tone for the rest of the ep. I also feel like out of every song on this project out of mind has to be the most unique in my opinion. There’s a lot going on in the background of this song, that most people won’t catch unless you have a good speaker or headphones, and that was the goal when making it, I wanted it to sound different and be unique but still have that vibe and relatable feel to it. And lastly, I always feel like the first song of any project has to hit different if you set the tone early get the listener intrigued early then be exciting for the rest of the project. But that’s just my opinion.

Could you take us through the concept for your album "True Colours," what inspired you to create the project, and what the album means to you?

Well, I was going through a lot before I made this EP and I felt like this was the best way to express myself and let all that raw emotion out. Another reason is that I love making music I love R&b it’s my passion and an ep is something I always wanted to create. I was motivated I had the material write songs, and I really wanted to create something special and I feel like I did that.  as for the name true colors well the Definitions are “the kind of person someone really is rather than what the person seems to be."  So for the longest time used to hide my love for r&b simply because  I thought people would expect me for that’ because before r&b I was a basic Rapper, but I did that because I knew that’s what everyone wanted me to make but that wasn’t t my passion. So I chose tire colors because this project is 100% me being true to myself and letting the world see the real me not what I was portraying before.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

What’s keeps me inspired in 2020 is my belief in myself and my will to make it in this industry one day.  I know if I keep putting in the working and keep producing these bangers one day my time will come. It’s not hard for me to stay inspired because like I said before I love r&b music I love to create I love the vibes it brings. As long as I stay true to myself anything is possible. And the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is you and I don’t plan on stopping until achieving mine. 


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