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Gorgeous Release From Rabbit Will Make You Reminisce of Your Earlier Years in "Josie's Song"

Rabbit is an LA-based indie rock artist with bluesy undertones and country twangs. Her music is a form of personal expression to show to the world. Rabbit's latest release "Josie's Song" shows exactly what she is known for.

"Josie's Song" opens instantly with that iconic sweet bluesy guitar, swinging deep drums, laid back acoustic guitar just chugging along, and then leads to Rabbit's enchanting vocal performance that has the perfect amount of country and something fresh. The lyrical story has a little bit of a beautiful touch, it really sings to your heart about when to ride free. Towards the end of "Josie's Song" is a soft elegant trumpet solo that takes over of Rabbit's vocals soars to the end chorus and leaves you yearning for more. A clear amount of care into every part, the instruments all work together all to create a gorgeous mood for Rabbit's vocals to sit perfectly on top of and they do not disappoint. Rabbit's melody writing has an almost nostalgic feeling that will make you start thinking of your earlier years. Her tone is elegantly smooth and seems to sing a duet with the bluesy guitar. We are loving this and cannot wait to hear what else Rabbit will be creating in the coming months.

Listen to "Josie's Song" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rabbit! We are loving this beautiful bed of music you have created! What was the songwriting and production process like for this?  I wrote this song as a lullaby for my daughter when she was a tiny babe. It started out with just guitar and vocals; me playing it to her to try to get her to fall asleep. I hadn’t been playing or writing for a while and it was the first song I wrote to kind of break that block. I shared it with my cousin, Jillinda Palmer, and she and her husband, Joe Napolitano, took it and ran with it. They really helped me build it into what it is today.  Every element sounds very defined and pure, especially that singing trumpet and guitar! What was the recording process like for this? What order did parts get recorded in? The production on this track is really credited to Jillinda and Joe. They’re very good at following the feel and mood of what I’m trying to do and building something beautiful out of it. It all started with a scratch track of my guitar and vocals and really was built up from there. Thankful to the friends we had played on it too, Matt Adams on guitar as well and Jordan Katz on the trumpet. It took a while to pull it all together, but the pieces eventually fit really well.  There is a fair amount of nostalgia in this release, what had inspired the artistic direction it had gone in? Do you have any idols that you looked up to while creating this release? This song is totally inspired by my daughter. I suppose the nostalgia that comes with it naturally is a tap into all those good parts of childhood I want to share with her. I have so many musical inspirations that drove me to write this song the way I did, but I feel like the mood of this song is most comparable to artists like T-Rex and Donovan.  How has being in LA and being part of a musical family inspired and helped the growth of your music and you as an artist? Did you ever feel like living anywhere else?

Growing up in L.A. is a strange and beautiful thing. It’s always tricky wherever you are, the grass can always seem slightly more green elsewhere until you’re in it. I’ve definitely considered moving for the adventure, but I’ve never actually left my neighborhood for very long. My immediate family is here and they’re hard to leave. Much of my family plays music and it’s really been a blessing. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was five singing songs into my Walkman. It’s really been a treat to grow up with a dad who makes a living solely as a musician. It’s definitely inspired me to keep playing. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

It’s been hard to tell how 2020 is going to go, honestly. It’s definitely been an unpredictable ride. But personally, my plan is to complete my debut EP by the end of the year. I’m working on releasing another single by June. 



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