Gorilla Apocalpyse Urges You To Take Cover In, “Tornado”

The extraordinary musical collective Gorilla Apocalypse is always looking for new ways to relate with listeners. Perhaps their latest single, "Tornado," is the group's most engaging release yet.

Gorilla Apocalypse comprises a revolving door of different artists under Blue Collar Records from different genres, styles, backgrounds, and walks of life. Together, they collaborate on songs and albums in the studio to always bring something fresh to the masses.

This time around, Gorilla Apocalypse's latest single, "Tornado," features singer/songwriter IZ.M.B, beat producer Grizz La Flare, and lyricist Gary Bernard. Together, they created an epic urban alternative-rock hit alongside a conceptual lyric video that helps us better understand the song's theme. The song is off Gorilla Apocalypse's upcoming debut EP, Blow Your Mind.

Taking a look at the lyric video for "Tornado," our eyes are greeted with an animated storyline that sees IZ.M.B discuss her experiences with an unsteady partner. What's interesting is how Gorilla Apocalypse chose to give the artists animated characters like a cat, gorilla, and bear. Watching IZ.M.B serenade us as a cat is refreshing, but her lyrical content is the real attention-grabber.

"You go from a roller coaster to a bathtub toaster, a desperado on a wanted poster," she wittily sings with a smile on her face. We love the playful spin Gorilla Apocalypse put on a song about living with an unsteady and unpredictable partner; they've made it clear that people have the ability to spin a deadly track and leave a mess behind like a "Tornado."

Keep an eye open for chaos and recklessness with Gorilla Apocalypse's latest single and lyric video, "Tornado." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the lyric video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gorilla Apocalypse. We admire the refreshing and playful attitude you've brought with your recent single, "Tornado." What inspired this breezy song about someone's unpredictable ways?

GB Bernard - I’ve known a number of people like that in my lifetime. They’re tons of fun to hangout with until you witness the damage they leave in their wake. The problem is they’re fun, so you make excuses for them. At least, for a while, but maybe that’s part of the attraction: the danger, the unpredictability. For me, that’s what “Tornado” is really about. That moment when you’re still having fun, but you’re also waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Grizz - I did the beat, so for me, it’s just a really fun dance track.

Why did you choose to go the animated route for the lyric video for "Tornado?" What inspired this cartoon-esque approach?

IZ.M.B - I want Gorilla Apocalypse to be a true collaboration that involves multiple artists bringing their unique talents to bear. Kind of like a revolving door. With the first album, we created a foundation, but going forward, we really want to up the ante collaboratively.

What was the collaboration like between the three artists and producers for "Tornado"? Have the three of you worked together before?

GB Bernard - No, but we’re all part of the same label, and we all really like each other.

IZ.M.B - Yeah, but we’ve wanted to collaborate for a while now. So when the opportunity came up, we just went for it, and here we are.

How does "Tornado" tie into the theme of your upcoming debut EP, Blow Your Mind? How does it relate to the entire EP itself?

Grizz - The album itself accentuates the ups and downs of relationships. How better to accomplish that then to use a tornado as a metaphor? Also, musically, the first song on the EP and lead single, “Tornado,” draws the listener in with its infectiously groovy beat, setting the stage for what is to come.

What can we anticipate hearing next?

IZ.M.B - “Blow Your Mind” is kinda like the starting pistol at a track meet. It’s the shot that starts the race, but Gorilla Apocalypse isn’t a sprint. It’s a distance race. Now that we’re up and running, you can expect more to come: more vocalists, more instrumentation, more emotion, more risks, and groovier beats!