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gP. Releases New Single "Für Zoe"

After the violent death of ghost parade in the dirty crime filled streets of Oakland, CA, the boys are reborn under the new moniker gP. The band’s significantly unique brand of dirty trip rock infused with film noir samples, trip hop beats, and driving R&B groove, masked with aggressive rock is what’s needed in today’s crowded industry of similarities and lack of differences.

gP. released their single titled "Für Zoe" and it had a progressive rock sound and eclectic energy to keep its listener fully entertained. You become quickly engrossed by the finely-calibrated instruments and stratospheric aura surrounding the song. The bar is quickly raised with "Für Zoe" and the bad-ass production touches and the unorthodox sound forms one of the most intriguing songs up to date. With richly textured vocals and a storyline told through the power of dynamics, gP lyrically compels you with their highly skilled songwriting. This beautiful arrangement is actually a homage to a classic Beethoven piece, Für Elise. The track, which features Matt Fazzi (Taking Back Sunday & Rare Futures), speaks of love, regret and solitude. In this gorgeous record, vocalist Justin Bonifacio acknowledges how his fear of commitment kept him from pursuing love. The lyrics reads “Like a weak and stubborn young man, I broke her heart, cut her off, and ultimately regretted the solitude that came out of the decision. She then went on to marry and start a family, as it goes." a highly in-depth lyrical disposition to evoke the emotion the artist felt. "Für Zoe" will be on the band's EP sexindustryfolklore, which is out now! If you’re wondering how this band delivers a live performance? Well we can tell you they come to impress! Like a smoking gun and duffel bag filled with dirty money, the gP. live show will leave you sexy and dangerous, longing for more.

Listen to "Für Zoe" here and get to know more about gP below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about gP?

gP. is a trip rock band from Oakland CA. the style we try to achieve at least for now, is a blend of artificial sounds and rock instruments, with a criminal aesthetic in the visuals.

When writing "Für Zoe", what was the full concept surrounding it and the motivation you had to create it?

Für Zoe is a translation of a letter I once received; the last in a series of letters written to me from a woman with whom I was very much in love. When it came time to take the next step deeper into the relationship, I cut ties with her out of fear; fear of missing out on a life with no commitment or responsibility. In the letter, she implored me to step back and realize this decision would end up bad for me. She explained to me that taking on more responsibility would be enriching to my life and to refuse it, detrimental. Like a weak and stubborn young man, I broke her heart, cut her off and ultimately regretted the solitude that came out of the decision. She then went on to marry and start a family, as it goes. The song exists in the moment of the final chance she gave me to go back on my decision. She and I would listen to a lot of classical music together, and the song title is an homage to ‘Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor,’ traditionally known as ‘Für Elise Beethoven.

Describe the perfect setting for you where you can channel in the emotion of “Fur Zoe”?

That song illustrated a straight up regret in my life, so I'd rather not live in that state ever again. I learned the lesson, turned it into a song, and hopefully never make the mistake again.

What was it like collaborating with Matt Fazzi?

Super fun! Fazzi is the man. The guy just came in and made every song so much more fun and smart. I would work with him again a million times.

What can we expect to hear next from gP.?

More new music. We recently recorded a couple tracks with Erik Ron in Los Angeles and we’re super stoked to release them!


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