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GR3YWXLF Is Yet Again Giving Us A Fire With Recent Release "Orphan"

GR3YWXLF is a waxing woke lyricist with a wise supervillain approach. Hailing from the UK, his sound isn’t anything that you would expect from the traditional UK sounds. Using his lyrics as an outlet by intertwining pop culture and real life survival in a creative and nontraditional way. Heavily influenced by old and new school hip hop and taking his on spin and twists with experimental and alternative R&B added within his music

Man another wonderful track from the artist GR3YWXLF! I love the blend of sounds throughout "Orphan"; it is like a blend of Lo-fi and hip hop. Tons of similar sounds to Anderson, even picking up heavy Kendrick Lamar vibes. However, GR3YWXLF definitely has a good flow all on his own. I appreciate the passion that I get from this artist. I can tell he cares about the work he puts out there for his listeners and fans. There is a gift with this artist that is fluid and feels effortless which makes it a true gift and talent. The versatility in this track alone says so much! "Orphan" gives all the best feels, all the best vibes and something you can really chill kick back and relax or even get some work done to.

Give a listen to "Orphan" here, and continue reading for GR3YWXLF's exclusive interview.

Hello and welcome back to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about your new song "Orphan"?

Thank you for having me back! I’d also like to thank your readers in advance for lending me their ears again too. Appreciated. 

So Orphan, its somewhat of an introductory super villain anthem. Semi posturing, semi introspective, all flows. Ultimately something to pump up the energy levels a bit. 

Who influenced your love or passion for music?

I’d probably say my pops. He’s been a gospel singer for the longest so watching him practice / perform and dedicate time to his craft really got me onto the music wave from early. That and growing up firstly in Jamaica had me surrounded by a lot of music before I moved to London. You can’t help but enjoy reggae sound clashes on your doorstep.  

Do you feel that "Orphan" is different than anything you've released in the past?

Yeah I think so. I mean thats the hope. I’ve set my self the task of creating and mastering as many flows as possible so I’m always trying to come with something a little different with each vibe. Ultimately that’s for the people to judge really!

What helped you create the song “Orphan”?

I was just in the right frame of mind with it you know. That and I had my whisky to hand which is always good when trying to get to business. Also want to shout out and thank the producer for this dope beat - Lucid Soundz. I had a fair bit of room to be creative so that ultimately helped a lot too. 

This year is gearing up to be a busy year for you, what can our readers anticipate next!

Haha for real! Super busy year ahead which is precisely what I want. Your readers can expect to hear from me next month with another shiny vibe for them to enjoy, but if they want to hit me up on Instagram in between now and then, I will be biding my time curating memes.


Connect and keep updated with GR3YWXLF via the artists Instagram.


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