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GR3YWXLF Releases 4AM

Waxing woke lyricism with his wise super-villain approach, the enigmatic lo-fi nomad isn't what you would come to expect from the traditional UK soundscape. The intricate artist who goes by the name of GR3YWXLF, creatively interweaves pop culture references alongside life survival narration. He blends a style of old and new hip-hop and it’s apparent in the release of his single titled “4AM”. "4am" has the hypnagogic pop elements alongside a fused together indie rock sound to curate the lo-fi hip//hop track that relaxes us and brings comfort into your body. While listening to "4am" you’re able to sit back, close your eyes, and just become hypnotized by the peaceful rap. His lyrics are hard-hitting with a deep contextual meaning behind it. He doesn’t do too much and matches the entire aesthetic of the instrumental by controlling the dynamics in his delivery. I was a big fan of his poetic lyricism and prolific songwriting. If you stripped away the vocals and lyrics and just listened to the instrumental you would think it’s impossible for a rapper to execute the beat since it’s so quiet and subdued, however GR3YWXLF goes against the grain and proves he can transfer this jazzy beat into a hip-hop hit! GR3YWXLF both naturally and comfortably sits just outside of the standard assumptions held regarding the London scene he hails from.

"4am" is now available to stream on Spotify, and don't forget to check out the artists personally curated interview below!

How would you describe the music scene in UK?

The scene in the UK is an interesting and vibrant one, I feel like there is so much talent here hidden within so many different genres. We’ve got some real fantastic artists this side of the pond doing remarkable things so it’s a great place to be a creative. Especially when you look at London, because of course I have to specifically shout out my city.

Do you have any influences that you think helped create your intricate sound and style?

Oh yeah most definitely. I’m guilty of enjoying a wide range of music, so I’d say I’ve got quite a few influences and could give you a pretty long list. Especially because I grew up on a diet of not only HipHop but Gospel, Grime and Reggae. But, to throw a few names in-  Akala, Kano, Andre 3000, MF Doom, Kendrick Lamar and old Kanye before the sunken place. 

Tell us about “‪4AM‬” and what inspired you to write this?

Haha whisky. Whisky inspired this. That and a definitive internal conversation I had with myself late one night. In part it’s like an outline of my motivations and the reasons for any decisions made moving forward. Which should be relatable for anyone who can understand staring at their reflection in the mirror and psyching themselves up unapologetically. 

Do you ever take note of your environment when songwriting?

Most definitely. I try to ground myself and whatever I’m writing about within the moment. For me going with an initial feeling in the right atmosphere can snowball great ideas. So taking note of the environment around me is useful. That isn’t to say that it makes the writing any easier though, but it’s a starting point. 

Was there any moments in “‪4AM‬” that you personally love?

Good question. I actually enjoy the end, specifically the last 8 bars. Mostly because it was a freestyle, drink swishing in hand (which I’m ultimately a little proud of), but it also summarises the standpoint on everything moving forward. Either you are with me for this ride or not, take it or leave it. I’m gonna laugh about it either way.


Be sure to connect with GR3YWXLF via the artists social media:


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