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Granite To Glass Releases Their Celestial Singles, “A Light” and “Dusk”

Granite To Glass is a Brooklyn-based, Indie-folk chamber ensemble that knows how to captivate the audience with their transcending sound that is both elemental and atmospheric. They have released singles, “Dusk” and “A Light”. These are songs that depend heavily upon ethereal vocals and hazy productions. “Dusk” has a dream-like vibe with sophisticated instrumentation that is elegant and dramatic. These elements complement the whispery, yet dynamic vocal resonance that moves the listener along into an other-worldly dimension. Granite To Glass not only captivates the audience with “Dusk” but they also show an unusual dimension to “A Light”. This song is soft and subtle, with delicate instrumentation and a feathery light vocal delivery. The vibe in “A Light” is more vague and misty, providing a build-up of emotion throughout the song. “A Light” was beautifully arranged, but the nebulous vibe was our favorite element to this song due to its peace and relaxation. “Dusk” and “A Light” are two songs with many similarities, but a significant number of differences. The song is authentic in its emotional range and in the presentation of passion. Production creates a satisfying link between the two songs. One side of the door is more mellow and the other side is more glossy and tenuous. Granite To Glass has impressive artists with a celestial vibe that is compelling.

Listen to "A Light" and "Dusk" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Granite To Glass! All being multi-faceted artists with diverse musical backgrounds and experiences, how did you find each other and re-form "Granite To Glass" with original founder Jon Kohen? Craigslist! Jon (acoustic guitar & vocals) posted an ad looking for string players. Jen (violin) responded and was a perfect match. Gavin (cello) was connected through Jen. Neal (pedal steel) found us on Facebook, and sent us a message! Jesse (electric guitar & vocals) and Jon knew each other from Massachusetts and linked up in NYC.

We're excited to talk to you about your project "A Light | Dusk". What does this project mean to you as a band? Can you tell us a little bit about the meaning behind this release and the message you wish your listeners will take away from it? A Light is my attempt at a love song. Everyone likes those, right? I haven't really written many. I tried to keep this one simple. This song gives me a deep sense of peace when I play it live. Especially during the instrumental bridge. The whole thing feels like one big exhale of relief to me." - Jon Kohen

"Dusk is based on a story I read online. The story was meant to be motivational. It's about feeling unmotivated, then closing your eyes, and imagining you were on your deathbed, wishing you'd done more. All you have to do is open your eyes, and you can do the things that you will regret not doing at the end of your life. Also, fun-fact, the first verse about souls passing is based on some dialog in Twilight Princess (Zelda game).." - Jon Kohen We hear there's a new LP coming in the spring of 2020! How does this album differentiate from your debut LP 'For When You Need This'.  Our next release, a self-titled LP, will sound a lot more organic. “for when you need this” was recorded with an orchestra in a concert hall. “Granite to Glass” represents more of what we sound like live; more like we’re sitting next to you and playing in your living room. The space between the notes is much more tangible.  Today, there are many resources available for artists to create an album and record it in their bedroom. It's very cool to hear your new LP is being created this way. For someone who's just starting out and learning the ropes. what advice can you give them? Don’t let any preconceptions get in your way, even from yourself. Music is about passion, and there’s no “right” way to do it. Play a guitar like a drum if you want to. Work on developing your own taste. When your ability matches your taste—when you truly dig what you have created—then others will most likely share in that taste as well. We recorded in a studio with the lovely Jesse French (electric guitar/vocals) as an engineer, but just a reminder to anyone that is recording completely DIY: Iron & Wine did it (four-track). Elliott Smith did it (four-track). The Mountain Goats did it (boombox). Check out all of their first albums!  It's been a pleasure talking to you! What can we expect to see from Granite To Glass throughout the year?

We have some live music videos coming out next week, so check us out on social media or our website for updates! We’re planning a tour, and an album release. For the summer. In the meantime, we’ll be playing in NYC!

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