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Grant Kilpatrick's New Single "Out My Mind" Is Everything You Need On Your Playlist Right Now

Scottish singer/songwriter Grant Kilpatrick is paving his way through the indie/rock music scene with some pretty straight-edge passion. Grant's entire artistic persona is very characterizable once listening to him. He experiments with sound, which forces a variety of ambiances onto any listening body. Grant has a ton of tenacity, and he goes to great lengths to prove that within his sound, especially within his latest track, "Out My Mind". 

Grant Kilpatrick's "Out My Mind" begins with heavy and intense guitar riffs, which never light up throughout the entirety of Grant's track. He's quite forward with the way he chooses to release his vocals, acquiring a direct and clear-cut way of communicating the meaning of his tracks. The fact that the vitalizing buzz never dissipates throughout "Out My Mind" is what attracts us to the song when we're in desperate need of that mid-afternoon pick-me-up. That's generally what Grant Kilpatrick's music is best at doing--allowing listeners to feel rejuvenated in different ways with its production. All in all, "Out My Mind" is a dynamic and lively performance offered by Grant, and definitely a rock track worth checking out.

Discover "Out My Mind" by Grant Kilpatrick here


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