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Grant Milliren Creates Stunning Imagery In “Emerald Bay”

Grant Milliren is an indie singer-songwriter from the burbs of Chicago, Illinois. He is currently signed by deck records from Illinois State University.

Grant Milliren starts his single “Emerald Bay” with a pretty cool introduction. He sings in a relaxed tone with no instrumentation present. Just the acoustics of his voice in full A Capella mode. His beautiful voice comforts its listener and get us ready for what’s to come. The imagery of “Emerald Bay” occurs once that energetic instrumental transitions in. You’re painting multiple different images mentally while feeling an escape from your day to day stress! This breathtaking delivery from Grant Milliren was extremely serene. The percussion-soaked drums and the riveting strumming of the guitar gave the roots of rock n roll while remaining delightful and light-hearted in tone.

“Emerald Bay” was a poised song we can find ourselves jamming out too on a nice day to day car ride! The season of summer is here and Grant Milliren’s “Emerald Bay” is welcoming us to weeks of playful music and poetic lyrics! Check out the single here and add to to all your summer self-love playlists.

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