Grant Nesmith Pays Homage to the Past With His Sophomore Album, 'Dreams of the Coast'

Bringing elements of his past into the present, the Myrtle-Beach native and singer-songwriter Grant Nesmith presents the result of his musical journey with a sophomore studio album, 'Dreams of the Coast.'

After taking part in the psych/surf band Ocean Forrest in 2018, Grant Nesmith later released his debut solo album 'Between Tides,' after the group parted ways. Wanting to pay homage to his musical past, Grant Nesmith released his latest album 'Dreams of the Coast,' soaked in the psych/surf sound of Ocean Forrest, the Americana twang of 'Between Two Tides,' and smoothened with a soft rock feel.

Grant Nesmith opens his album 'Dreams of the Coast' with a beachy-infused retro introductory track titled "Never Die." Opening the album with fuzzed-out guitars and warm instrumental tones, Grant Nesmith keeps us floating along with each melodic and inspirational lyric he blissfully delivers. Moving into the second track, "Kaleidoscope," we hear more of a dramatic and nostalgic Beatles-feel through the organic and bouncy instrumentals and psychedelic effects.

Introducing the upbeat fiddle stylings of Gene Elders on the next piece, "Another Day," she opens the piece with wildly serene melodies that give an ode to Grant Nesmith's country roots. As Grant Nesmith sings another motivational message to his listeners, he jumps into the next tune and title track, "Dreams of the Coast." Beginning with the twang and dreaminess of country through a soothing acoustic guitar and mellow electric guitars, we must also mention the savory stylings of Sadler Vaden on lead guitar as he sweetens this song with the utmost soul and passion.

Onto the fifth track, "Morning," this piece brings a down-tempo and introspective atmosphere through Grant Nesmith calming performance and emotional lyricism. Depicting quite poetic lyricism, we're later met with a heavy instrumental shift that takes us into the heart of melodic rock. Reaching the halfway point with "Souvenir," Grant Nesmith transports us back to the swinging 60s with the brightly reverbed vocal harmonies and upbeat piano, guitars, and drums. We truly adore the versatility within Grant Nesmith's album thus far.

Fast forward a few decades into the grunge and emotion of 90s rock with the next piece, "Untitled," Grant Nesmith drenches this track in emotional catharsis with each blazing electric guitar melody and his filtered and melancholy vocal delivery. Livening our spirits with the next piece, "Mountaintop," Grant Nesmith takes on another reflective and contemplative lyrical concept. Singing about the troubles of running from the truth, Grant Nesmith drops another heavy instrumental transition to keep us locked in.

Slowing it down with the 9th track, "Wish," we hear a more personal side of Grant Nesmith singing of his wishes and desires on this somber interlude-like piece. Channeling the brightness and liveliness of the beginning of the album with the 10th tune, "Haunt," we genuinely adore the ode to his country roots through the savory guitars and soothing vocal delivery. Reaching the end of the album with the outro piece, "Such a Crime," Grant Nesmith perfectly placed the elements of his musical past within this track. From the psychedelic guitars, surf-rock feel to the soothing twang of country guitars, Grant Nesmith has truly taken us through an unforgettable experience.

Find Grant Nesmith's sophomore album, 'Dreams of the Coast' on all digital streaming platforms, and find yourself in several different musical decades with each versatile sonic and lyrical approach.

Check out our recent interview with Grant Nesmith, here.

Congratulations on the release of your second studio album, 'Dreams of the Coast.' How long was the project in the making? When did you begin tracking ideas for the album?

Thanks so much! I started writing songs for this album immediately following the release of my debut album, 'Between Tides' in January 2020. I recorded 4 songs last February, but out of those sessions only 'Haunt' and 'Mountaintop' made it on the album. Once lockdown began in March, I had a ton of time on my hands so wrote the majority of the album April-July.

What influenced or inspired the creation of your album 'Dreams of the Coast'? Did you have a collection of songs to be released, or did you create each track to fit this specific album?

I'd say a mixture of both...we recorded 14 songs total, but only 11 made it on the album. I wanted 'Dreams Of The Coast' to have a certain flow and theme to it. I love the 3 songs we didn't put on the album, but they didn't quite gel with the overall vibe. They'll definitely see the light of day soon though! As far as the influence and inspiration for 'Dreams Of The Coast,' it's heavily influenced by Myrtle Beach and our warm, summer environment and climate!

Was there a particular concept or theme that you wanted your audience to take away from the album 'Dreams of the Coast?'

To me, it's a feel-good Summer album. Listen to it at the beach, after a day of surfing, or late at night with a pair of headphones and a nice bourbon. My Wife loves listening to it on long runs and road trips. Myrtle Beach tends to get a bad rap. People call it "Dirty Myrtle" and "Redneck Riviera" but it's not like that at all. 10 blocks of Downtown Myrtle are overrun with Beachwear Stores and Tourist Traps, but that's it. Myrtle Beach is a truly gorgeous place to live. I wanted to shed some positive light on Myrtle Beach.

What was your experience like collaborating with Gene Elders, Sadler Vaden, and any other artists/producers featured on your album 'Dreams of the Coast?'

It was amazing! Sadler grew up around here so I had to get him to play on the title track 'Dreams Of The Coast.' It just made sense! Gene knocked the Fiddle out of the park! I had a specific Fiddle motif in mind for 'Another Day', but Producer Ed Dennis told me not to point Gene in any direction so we can see what he comes up with naturally. I'm so glad I took Ed's advice because Gene's part is so much better than what I had in mind! Ed also contributed to a lot of songs. He played Pedal Steel on most of the album, along with some Electric Guitar and Harmony Vocals. He played that big guitar solo through a Leslie Speaker at the end of 'Such A Crime.' Two of my best friends who I used to be in a band, "Ocean Forest" contributed to a few songs. The Bassist Bruce James played Bass on "Morning" and also contributed some Trumpet and Harmony Vocals here and there. Cole Rateliff, the Drummer played on "Morning," "Untitled," and "Dreams Of The Coast." He's such an amazing Drummer!

Is there a track off of your recent album 'Dreams of the Coast' that's your personal favorite or means the most to you?

I have to go with the title track 'Dreams Of The Coast.' That song is Myrtle Beach through and through! It's got Sadler playing Lead Guitar and a killer Slide solo at the end, my "Ocean Forest" brothers both appear on that song in some capacity, and Ed is playing a great Steel part on that song as well. I came up with most of the lyrics in the middle of a July surf session. I was really pleased with the way that one came together.