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Grant Nesmith Watches The “Days,” Pass Him By

Grooving his way through Myrtle Beach is a singer-songwriter and dynamic recording artist Grant Nesmith with his latest ear-pleasing and uplifting single, "Days."

Grant Nesmith's early musical influences, like the Beatles, helped him navigate where to take his versatile tunes. After a few stints in different bands and playing from Nashville to New York, Nesmith settled back home. Now, he creates a unique, mellow blend of psychedelic rock and country.

Listeners can feast their ears on this authentic musical blend in Grant Nesmith's latest single, "Days." There are faint hints of Tame Impala-like synths to up the psychedelic vibe, but the overall alternative groove and bright, twangy guitars perfectly introduce us to Nesmith's versatility. We appreciate the song's reflective theme as well, which is sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia and optimism.

Hitting play on the new single, "Days," the experience begins with a dreamy, vibrant electric guitar that quickly drops into a groovy, upbeat alternative rock instrumental. As Grant Nesmith's melodic and airy vocals begin drifting through our speakers, he sings personal lyrics about watching the days pass and knowing he can't control them.

Once we pass the second hook, which is incredibly soothing and catchy, the rest of the song features densely dynamic instrumentals that are chilling to the bone. We love how Grant Nesmith puts this euphoric and transcendent feel on his instrumentals, perfectly preparing us for a summer full of sunshine, laughs, and love.

If you're ready to start your summer with a bang, do it the right way with Grant Nesmith's new single. Find the joyous yet reflective tune, "Days," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Grant Nesmith. We appreciate the honest and spirited concept within your recent single, "Days." What inspired this uplifting yet reflective single?

Right on! Lyrically, "Days" was inspired by the changing of seasons and life on the coast in Myrtle Beach. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in day-to-day life and forget to stop and smell the roses and appreciate where our journey has brought us. That was the concept behind "Days."

What was your creative process like for "Days?" Did you work with anyone when creating the bright and warm instrumentals?

For the music, we put down a click track to begin, and I played the 12-string guitar part straight through with no backing music. The guitar solo and all. I put down a bass track and vocal. At this point, Ken Thomas came in and played drums to what we had so far. I emailed a rough mix to my pal Blake Monroe in Minnesota. Blake put down those really cool lead guitar lines. My friend Ava Hussey came in and sang those beautiful harmonies, and Ed Dennis, who engineered this track, put down a 3rd guitar part here and there. We did a mix and felt it was missing something so I played the acoustic guitar. Most of the guitars on this song are capo'd and played high up on the neck so I played the acoustic with no capo to really beef it up and get some bassy frequencies in the mix.

Why did you choose to give "Days" a long and dynamic instrumental? How do these arrangements enhance the theme you were going for?

I didn't hahaha!!! I wanted to fade it out! I played the first quick solo, then Blake took one, followed by Ed. I wanted it to fade during Blake's solo and when the music is almost gone, you hear the first few notes of Ed ripping through. I sent it to Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, Oregon to master. She thought the long instrumental at the end was killer and we didn't need to fade it. I trusted the expert on that one

What did you want to make the listener think and feel with your lyrics in "Days?" What message did you want to get across?

I try to write mostly positive music, even though I love to listen to slow, sad songs. I like my music to have a sense of atmosphere and usually play a lot of major7 chords and weird dissonant notes that aren't usually in the scale. I guess I wanted them to kind of float along with the music and feel like it's taking them somewhere.

What's next for you?

A lot!! I've got a Country EP that I'm working on. Lots of fiddle and pedal steel. I had some really talented musicians play on this upcoming EP and can't wait to get it out there! It'll probably be out this Winter sometime. I'm also putting the finishing touches on a Christian album I recorded with my band at First United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach. I've got 3 or 4 other songs I recorded last Summer that need mixing. I'll put those out as singles down the line. Lots of new music in the future!

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