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Grasp Onto Bold Energy With Rikan's, "LGBP"

Brooklyn, New York, is home to American Hip-hop artist, Rikan. Exuding a shell filled with traits like being strong, savage, extreme, raw, funny, and uncut, Rikan has entered a scene where his next journey lies on the lines.

Embracing his trials and tribulations as an outsider, Rikan didn’t always fit in when growing up. Taking a fortified persona out of the trenches with him, he turned to Hip-hop through his ventures across the United States to combat these issues in his personal life.

Known for the creativity that’s latched into his visual and sonic expressions placed forth, we get to witness the hard-hitting Rikan give us everything he’s got in his latest single, “LGBP.” Automatically the hunger in his vocals comes powering through like a surge of energy gives you a boost. Electric with his touch as soon as he steps up on the microphone, we always enjoy taking in Rikan’s old hip-hop roots as he adapts to the new wave before us.

With the cinematography of the “LGBP” music video navigating us through vividly structured graffiti art, and images of Rikan going on a joy ride, the liberation he expresses is drastically tied into the culture of Hip-hop as he professes words that you feel in your core.

There’s a beam of confidence that’s offered up when Rikan plays upon intricate rhyme schemes and cold, hard truth bombs throughout his verses. Making each line more memorable than the last, you get a seamless blend of spellbinding and consciousness as you truly listen to “LGBP.”

Always eager to hear what he has in the works, Rikan proves that he is making Brooklyn, New York, shine that much more with his sonic extravagance.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Rikan, and congratulations on releasing your latest single, "LGBP." As soon as the track comes on, we're dying to know: what does "LGBP" stand for, and what inspired the premise of this single?

Much love to all of you! Happy to be back. "LGBP" is just the acronym for "Little Guy Big Problems," the song title. I didn't feel like typing the whole thing out. That's mad work. This song is a glimpse into the experiences of myself and my crazy childhood memories. In the song, I'm dissing my haters, my family, and my life altogether for either not being good enough or being targeted with bullshit from them. It's a funny rap song with serious issues to twist it all!

Could you please share a glimpse of what the artistic vision was behind the playfulness of the music video? Why do you place so much emphasis on the color yellow?

The beat is quirky or odd and abnormal to me, which I have been called or envisioned myself. Different style beats inspire a different style of song. I didn't even realize I had all that yellow in the music and video, lol. That was a coincidence! When JT Productionz sent the beat, I automatically gravitated to a playful side to the song.

Comparing "LGBP" to 'Stompin' In My Timbs,' what would you say has been the most significant difference in the creative and release process for the two tracks?

Between "Stompin' In My Tims" and "LGBP," the most significant difference between the two creatively would be the timing. I wrote Stompin' In My Tims to Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a" beat years ago. JT sent a beat years later that just worked with the lyrics I had. "LGBP" was made and sent to me to write songs to. To release wise, I know more about what I'm doing with LGBP after learning what did and didn't work with Stompin' In My Tims. The songs are similar in a funny, almost meme-like way, but the approach and topics are different.

What do you hope your audience can reflect on when consuming the sonic goodness of "LGBP?"

I want anyone who feels like they have been outcasts or have issues with their family or people around them to know someone understands and relates. Someone like me can make light out of the situation and show that it's ok to be yourself even if you don't fit in. If you have a bad day? Listen to my song. If you need to laugh? Listen to LGBP! Anyone who has a sense of humor or needs to feel better can listen to my music, especially if you like rap.

What's next for you, Rikan?

As of now, promote the hell out of this song. After this, I have a whole list of songs to record and or release. So much stuff to release and with some big names in the Indie Hip Hop scene! I'm so excited to keep releasing and providing more music for both myself and people. I want this. I'm expressive, and I'm hungry! Thank you guys so much for the interview again. This means a lot to me. Be sure to follow me on IG @just_rikan or Rikan on streaming services if you have a Youtube sub to Rikan TV! Instagram

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