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Graveyard Of The Atlantic Gets Real With Their Panic Room EP Release

Graveyard of the Atlantic is band made up of seasoned musicians that all seem to bring their own style to the newly released Panic Room EP. The songs are reminiscent of songs you'd hear on your favorite rock radio station as a teenager. Lighting up a cigarette and cruising out to pick up a friend, turning on the alt rock station in your town and humming all the cool guitar lines while no one else was in the car with you yet. The songs are emotionally driven and filled with distanced guitars and melodic vocals that give you the feeling you've heard this somewhere even though you probably haven't yet. The EP feels massive and most tracks end on a powerful note. 

Their main single of focus being "The Wolf", really does get your attention with a memorable guitar hook and lyrics that almost paint a visible picture in your head. This is a great record to just sit back and soak in. Graveyard of the Atlantic definitely shows their songwriting chops throughout the release and it surely needs a listen. This is the best place to do that.

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