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Gravitating Towards the Force That Is Holly Santonato’s Latest Single “Fine Wine”

Toronto based singer/songwriter Holly Santonato returns to BuzzMusic with her expressive and soulful single “Fine Wine.” Using music as her therapy, Holly Santonato attended Seneca College and studied Independent Music Production to help her navigate her path in regard to business in the music industry. Through her latest release “Fine Wine,” Holly Santonato brings an incredibly alluring and sensual experience, through peaceful R&B/soul and jazz instrumentation/production and her incredible vocal array from hauntingly low octaves to steaming falsetto. “Fine Wine” lets us take our time to enjoy the little things in life through Holly Santonato’s appreciative and warm lyricism.

She is starting out with an incredibly chill atmosphere through filtered jazz licks and Holly Santonato’s effortlessly powerful vocals, giving “Fine Wine” a distinct tone. Holly sings beautiful lyrics of finding peace when being with someone and letting them know how much she appreciates the efforts they’ve made. Once we reach the chorus, a vibrant kick through R&B production gives “Fine Wine” driving depth, just like Holly Santonato’s deep and vulnerable emotions she portrays. Once the entire percussion sets in, the mellow and serene vibe is challenging to ignore through whole sounding instrumentals. Truly creating a gravitating piece of soul, Holly Santonato’s “Fine Wine” allows us to sit back and bask in the songs shining light.

Discover "Fine Wine" here.

Great to have you back at BuzzMusic, HollySantonato! We’re loving your recent release “Fine Wine” Could you tell us how you managed to pour your heart and soul into this piece through your songwriting?

Hey! Thank you for the opportunity, and thank-you for the love on 'Fine Wine'! Writing this song was so freeing; I wanted to give the listeners a visual, using the metaphor of drinking wine, of what it feels like when you're embarking on something new. Hence the lyric, ..'so please, take your time, and sip on my flavors like fine wine'.. I wanted to portray a vibe and a sense of familiarity to not knowing something but being intrigued enough to taste it or try it and indulge in the journey a new experience can take you on. 

Speaking on your recent release “Fine Wine”, Holly Santonato incorporates blissful atmospheres through melodic and mellow instrumentation/production. Could you share what sound and feel you were aiming for when creating “Fine Wine”? Most definitely! The sound and feel I was aiming for with "Fine Wine" was a sultry, R&B, relax at night kind of vibe. I was aiming for listeners to feel the motions of relaxation while also absorbing the lyrical content as the song played. As some say, "Feel the music" and relate to the metaphorical lines from the core of the song. I wanted listeners to indulge, give a light head bop from the mellow production, and hum along to the beat. We’ve heard that music has become a sense of therapy for Holly Santonato, as you’ve always had an interest in singing and poetry. How do you create music with the intention of expressing yourself, but still allowing others to relate? Yes! Music has constantly been a crutch for me to lean on. I create music with the intention to express myself, keeping in mind that everyone experiences similar feelings at some point in their life. I read this post one time that had said, "the beautiful thing about music is that every song was meant for somebody", and that really resonated with me as a creative because that is how I create and how I relate to my listeners. Every song out there is meant for someone, is helping someone through something or inspiring someone. Whenever I get that feeling to write based on an emotion or something that triggered the motive to create, I know that someone else has had similar feelings but perhaps from something nonrelated to my situation. The beautiful thing is that connection through familiarity that brings people together, creating a place for people to feel comfort in knowing they're not alone.  Since your recent feature with BuzzMusic in September of last year, Holly Santonato, you mentioned that the best thing that could happen for you as an artist is to solidify a fan base. Do you think your audience has grown since then and is this still the most important aspect for your career? Yes, I do feel as though my audience is growing and I am content with understanding that it takes time. I am super appreciative to everyone who vibes out to my music and I feel that since September I have seen an increase on listeners on platforms where my music is listed. I do feel it is still an important aspect of my career because when the development of a strong amount of people is solidified as a "fan base" for my music, it can then create more opportunities for me as an artist within the music industry. As much as building a supportive audience, also creating content and more music is also a main priority and a highly significant aspect for my career in helping me further prosper.  What can we expect to see from you next? More music, more content, and just more overall activity on my part as a creative. I am consistently creating new material. Currently, I am working on finishing the rest of a mini E.P; I am working to push out another track by the end of this year *fingers crossed*. Also, a remix of 'Fine Wine' is in the works to being released and I am very excited for that. For this, I am working with a really dope artist, virtually, of course, considering the pandemic the world is currently experiencing, and I can't wait for everyone to hear that version of the song. During this time of quarantine, I am working on keeping myself busy while also converting my annual live event "Show Love" into a virtual segment via IG live; so please stay tuned for that on my page,, as I am collaborating with a bunch of great artists from the city to perform. 



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