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Grayhunter Makes "Waves," with Their Electrifying Single

Soaring in from New York City, the versatile rock band Grayhunter brings us into a deeply passionate and blazing atmosphere through their latest single, "Waves."

Known for their unconventional concepts and ground-breaking guitar-riffs, the band has quickly garnered attention across New York with help from their versatile musical approach. With a mission to make listeners jump and dance while they question life decisions, it would be an understatement to say that Grayhunter's sound keeps us wanting more.

Elaborating on their recent conceptual and passionate single, "Waves," Grayhunter powers through the track with the utmost strength as they pierce our speakers with vibrant instrumentals and emotional lyricism. Not to mention the song's dynamic feel and approach, Grayhunter truly keeps us on the edge of our seats the entire ride.

Diving into "Waves," the song opens with tight drum breaks, a blazing rhythm guitar, a deep bassline, and a whaling lead guitar that soaks us in power and might. Once the instrumentals begin to settle with a plucky rhythm guitar, Grayhunter's lead vocalist makes her way in and begins exuding her desire to stay locked in someone's arms.

We highly adore the aching emotion and relatable themes that Grayhunter delivers through their passionate lyricism, as they're perfectly complemented by the band's dynamic instrumentals. Not to mention the song's Kings of Leon-feel, we're truly impressed with the sonic portrayal of emotion through Grayhunter's dense and ever-changing instrumentals, perfectly capturing our fluctuating emotions during a troubled relationship.

Drop your woes and get into the groove of Grayhunter's latest passionate hit, "Waves," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Grayhunter, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're truly impressed with the emotional and instrumental depth within your recent single, "Waves." Where did the inspiration for this song come about? Thanks so much! A lot of our music reflects on opening up conversations regarding mental health. "Waves" is about dealing with addiction, specifically substance abuse, however one can also be addicted to a person or a feeling so we wanted to include those thoughts as well. Could you introduce us to your group members and how you handled the instrumental creative process for "Waves?" Our band consists of five members: Reisha Cadelina (vocals), David Cooper (lead guitar), Dave Gherard (rhythm guitar), Allen Bogosian (bass), and Richie Gross (drums). Reisha often brings in melody/lyric/arrangement ideas, but "Waves" is our first full collaborative creation, which makes this song even more special. Also, for the most part, our songs have had a much heavier and more aggressive sound, so we wanted to express a more romantic and vulnerable side to show our full range of expression and musicianship. Is there a solo member in your group who tackled the songwriting process for "Waves?" Or was this a collective process? David C. had written the original arrangement; he brought the demo to us one day and said that he wanted us to work together to change it up and make it our own. Reisha wrote the melody and lyrics while the others focused on the new arrangement to better reflect our style. We were all also very involved in the recording and production process, and we are beyond happy with the results of our collective effort. How did you want your audience to react and feel after experiencing the dynamic and emotional single, "Waves?" Our intention with the music and lyrics is to take people on the emotional roller coaster that is addiction and get them to see things through the eyes of someone who is struggling with it. Mental illness has always been stigmatized, and while a lot of progress has been made, the stigma still exists and many people still don't fully understand just how hard it is to live with it--especially when it comes to addiction. The goal is to get our audience to hear the message of "Waves" in a way that they can relate to the emotions and finally empathize.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music? We want them to know that they will always be surprised; our messages are our priority, so the sound of each of our songs is driven by our lyrics. We also want them to know that they are not alone and there are people out there who go through similar situations and feel the same emotions. We are a band that wants to help normalize discussing heavy topics such as pain, trauma, and mental illness so that people can feel more comfortable speaking up and reaching out for help when they need it.




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