Grayhunter Takes A Moment To Shine Light On Their Journey

Bringing a unique flair to rock n roll, Grayhunter is well-known for its depth and intricacy that’s sprawled into the songs they consciously craft. Hailing from NYC with the desire to explore genres far and wide, their latest single, “Stranger (Live Acoustic),” has them proving this on the graceful side of the musical spectrum.

By taking their debut single as a band and adding an acoustic twist to the product, the tantalizing essence draws you towards the melancholic nature that resides in this record. Sifting through the nostalgia that stems from growth and progression, Grayhunter hangs up the heaviness of their usual subject matter for a moment as we focus on the expressions of gratitude and pay homage to their journey thus far.

As they’re presently constructing their sophomore EP, Grayhunter continues to make people feel vast emotions with the sound they’ve solidified for themselves. E sure to check out the exclusive BuzzMusic interview, here.