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Graywater Releases Latest Single, “By Now, Somehow” — and We Are Hooked

Indie/rock trio Graywater is back with their latest upbeat single, “By Now, Somehow”. Consisting of the musical influences of Alex Hicks, Graham Queen, and Alex Patten, the group participated in two cross Canadian tours with their other band.  They have no intention to stop creating music with different groups with different sounds. Prior to the release of “By Now, Somehow”, Graywater released two rock anthem singles, as well as an old-fashioned cover for “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. These accomplishments demonstrate the group’s ability to work within a variety of genres. It is evident that “By Now, Somehow” perfectly displays the group's authentic and professional sound. “By Now, Somehow” begins with the strumming of a bright electric guitar and a foot-stomping kick drum.

As different drum patterns change the song’s tempo, the verse provides clear-cut vocals.  The combination perfectly captures every word from the vocalist. The track includes themes of love and loss, as well as difficulties in dealing with the hardships that come with love. With lyrics like, “When I decide that the light has died, will you be there when the black sun’s done rising?”. While incorporating a few whaling power chords, Graywater has definitely mastered the art of songwriting. With new music in 2020, we’re looking forward to the band’s next move.

Stream "By Now, Somehow" on Spotify.

Hey there Graywater! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your group's latest single “By Now, Somehow”. Could you share with us what inspired the moving song? Hey, thanks so much for having us! “By Now, Somehow” drew from a lot of sources during its writing process. Girls, relationships, mental health, self-actualization. We started writing wanting it to tell a dynamic story. The song had been re-written, broken down to ground zero, and built back up again at least three times as we’ve continued to draw from new experiences and inspiration. It lends heavily to our greatest influences. Layne Staley of Alice in Chains has always had a lyrical and melodic influence on our songwriting. The coda of the song was really intense. It was actually a lot heavier in the early drafts of writing. It was almost difficult to write when trying to find a medium between the darkness it created, while not losing the balance of light we created at the start. The song tells a story, and we wanted to make sure during the recording process that we were really capturing those highs and those lows. Your sound is incredibly authentic and captivating as a listener. Who were some musical influences that helped shape Graywater? Thank you so much! Graham and I have played together in various musical projects for over 10 years now — Graywater’s identity stems from mixing our entire resume of music into one. You’ll hear bits and pieces of everything we’ve done over the years. Growing up we listened to a lot of Alice in Chains, Velvet Revolver, Chris Cornell. Lately, we’ve been really loving bands like Royal Tusk, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Tame Impala, Big Wreck, The Glorious Sons. We’re constantly seeking out ways to try something new and challenge ourselves to get a little outside our comfort zone, which has led to some of our favorite parts in our music. You’ve mentioned that you’re releasing new music this year! Could we expect an EP or an album in the near future? Yes, we are! We’ve been introducing more and more new music into our sets over the past couple of shows, trying to get a good feel for the energy and enthusiasm they bring, while still dynamically complimenting the rest of our music. We have a list of songs that we’re hoping to get out this year, maybe an EP, maybe an LP — who knows! We’re currently fine-tuning a single we plan to release within the next couple of months that we’re really enjoying. It’s another example of us pushing ourselves, and the genre, while still staying true to what makes Graywater, Graywater. You’ve been across two Canadian tours in 2018, any upcoming shows or tours in 2020?

We’ve recently confirmed a few festivals this upcoming fall, as well as a few shows lined up beforehand. The lineups haven’t been announced yet, so we’re eagerly awaiting announcement dates from the coordinators so we can share with everybody! What can we expect to see next from Graywater? You can expect a brand new single within the next couple of months, and even more music to follow after. Festival and show announcements to be announced very soon — check out our social media for all info on new music and shows!


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