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Green Knuckle Material Released New Single Titled “Queen of Dragons”

In the year 4000 George Kilroy Marten, the universe's last hope, faced off against his arch enemy The Huntress, Master of Dark Folk witchery who sought to devour the cosmos. During their battle she sent him back in time, splitting his essence into 5 separate entities and thrusting them to the year 2016. Those 5 entities went on to become Green Knuckle Material.

Despite the bold and augmented introduction, Green Knuckle Material actually delivers a more soft and mellifluous energy with their single “Queen of Dragons”. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Medieval times? Cool fantasy reads? Then you will become highly infatuated by “Queen of Dragons” which incorporates all 3 fused with super tasty soft rock and even eclectic rap. Metaphorically representing a love interest, “Queen Of Dragons” is what you receive from the lyrical geniuses of Green Knuckle Material. You never know what to expect with this and that’s the greatest thing about it. It’s a surprise every corner of the record, keeping its listener in for the unpredictable. I mean, isn’t fiction the same? The comparison between fiction and “Queen of Dragons” is so apparently obvious it makes this song special and unique from the rest. Despite the strong sense of imagery and ethical appeal in the lyrics, “Queen of Dragons” knows how to hold its own in a lane filled with contemporary, and trendy pop hits!

Don't miss out on Green Knuckle Material's "Queen of Dragons" on Spotify, and scroll below for the groups exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!


Catch up with Green Knuckle Material on their social media:


What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them?

Challenges include balancing the band with working, school, and other commitments. It's also a challenge staying positive since it's easy to get discouraged at times, but the fans help us through that. 

Tell us about your single “Queen of Dragons” and the theme behind it?

Queen of Dragons is a love song that displays a man's frustration in searching for the perfect woman. The Queen of Dragons is a metaphor for this perfect girl. The song alludes directly to the show Game of Thrones, as Daenerys was on the other side of the world. This is where the idea of the perfect woman being on the other side of the sea comes into play. 

Is there a specific lyric arrangement you were aiming for?

There wasn't a specific arrangement of lyric, but the message we wanted to get across was the frustration in longing for a soulmate that many people experience. 

Who are some of your musical influences and how do they inspire you?

Some of my influences are Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Pink Floyd. They inspire me to writer creative lyrics and to sing about real, personal experience. Pop music in general has been a big influence also because I'm a big fan of catchy hooks, which Queen of Dragons certainly does not lack. 

What’s next for you?

What's next is to keep moving. We're going to keep releasing quality, meaningful music, and continue to grow so that we can spread our message of love and acceptance to the entire world. Ultimately, we want to use music as a means to minimize all the hatred in the world, and unite as many different races, religious, ethnicities, and sexual orientations together in a place where everyone can enjoy the music, and feel loved, accepted, and valuable.


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