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GreenblacK Reminds Us To Fight For What We Believe In

Los Angeles-based metal band GreenblacK throws a blanket of resilience over our ears with their latest anthemic and powerhouse single entitled "Even If."

After making his way around Israel's local music scene, lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Yohai Portal were quickly hired as a session guitarist for artists and producers that landed various #1 hits on Israel's music chart GLGTZ. Now creating the group GreenblacK, Portal is excited to showcase his sound on a more intimate and personal level.

The band's new single, "Even If," was co-written and produced with Daniel Jakubovic and is said to inspire listeners through themes of dedication to your craft and reaching your goals. "Doing what you love takes a lot—you have to work hard to earn what you deserve. This song is very close to my heart and my way of telling myself never to let go and always fight for what I truly believe in," wrote Portal.

Diving into the single, "Even If," the track opens with a crashing drum arrangement and blazing rhythm guitars that crunch away at our souls. As a melancholy acoustic guitar melody begins to float through our speakers, Portal makes his relaxed and mysterious vocal appearance that resembles a prime-time Pink Floyd.

As he summons the courage and bravery to speak his mind on the pre-hook, GreenblacK jumps into the chorus with the utmost power to get their unapologetic message across. We love the song's blend of metal and alternative rock, as the forceful guitars dominate our speakers while Portal's soothing background vocals rain down from above to bring the song to a reflective end.

Keep your wits about you with help from GreenblacK's new single, "Even If," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the dynamic and motivational feel of your latest single, "Even If." What inspired you to write a song about chasing your dreams no matter what anyone says?

Thank you so much! These lyrics came from a deep place inside of me. I feel like certain people are too quick to judge others' talents. This judgment is not necessarily negative, it can sometimes be from people you trust most in your life telling you to stick with what you are good at, according to how they see you and know you. The problem with this is that they are holding you back from growing and achieving your full potential instead of rising to the challenge. I didn't understand it back then, but I realize now that these opinions kept me from evolving.

Is this your first time working with producer and co-writer Daniel Jakubovic? What was your experience like working with him for "Even If"?

Daniel and I have known each other for about ten years now. We have been collaborating on various projects already, and this time we are even more determined as Daniel is producing the entire first album for GreenblacK.

Could you enlighten us on what your band's creative process was like when formulating the instrumentals for "Even If"? Which members handled what parts of the process?

'Even If' specifically started from the opening riff idea I messed with in the past. But it was never released as a part of a song before. I played it for Daniel, and the vibe was just there. We started building a rough arrangement pretty quickly, and then we had to dig a little deeper, both musically and lyrically, for the rest of it. I am proud of how it turned out.

What overall listening experience did you want to offer your audience with "Even If"? What did you want them to feel and experience when listening to the song?

Considering it is the second release for GreenblacK, we wanted to give the audience another angle of our overall sound. The verses have a softer delivery with more of a big heavy chorus up to the guitar solo at the end, which gives me chills each time I hear and play it.

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