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Greg Amici Brings Life To "Greenwood"

If you looked up multifaceted in the dictionary, a photo of Greg Amici would reside right beside the definition. The multi-talented musician, writer, and actor return to an eager audience with the release of his latest single, "Greenwood."

Recruiting a team of talented individuals to help bring the vision of "Greenwood" to fruition, we get to hear the sonic delicacy of Greg Amici (lead vocals), James Mastro (guitars, piano, backing vocals), Joe August Gentile (backing vocals), Renee LoBue (backing vocals), and Ray Ketchem (drums, percussion), all depicting raw talent within this single.

Dousing us in an eclectic fusion of classic rock in the new age, we appreciate the heart and soul that's poured into such a descriptive track. Chugging guitar riffs add a propelling charisma to the colossal foundation already cemented by the boisterous drum patterns and ambient backing croons. Hearing Greg Amici's timbres come pouring in with an unapologetic presentation of grit, the character that's laced into "Greenwood" makes it an unforgettable song that you'll want to introduce the repeat button to.

Delving deep into the sector of his imagination which combines life experience with storytelling creativity, "Greenwood" was crafted by Greg Amici after a trip to the Greenwood Cemetery back in the 90s. Visiting a place where many famous New York faces, including a vast amount of mobsters, presently lay to rest, it was a stroll amongst a particular tombstone that brought the ultimate vision of this song to life.

Taking to his inimitable creations and his ability to weave a tale so chalked full of details you would think that the man Greg Amici is singing about was his friend, we can always count on the fresh take of this rocker to get you out of your seat and tunneled into your mind.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Greenwood." With such a unique storyline laced into the musical foundation, we have to know: do you always take these types of experiences and let your music unfold that way?

Thanks. Yeah, I pretty much do. But it's all imagination. I'm not the protagonist in the story. I saw a picture of this Saturday Night Fever-kind-of-guy embossed on his gravestone. I just imagined what his story might have been and how he wound up entombed at such a young age.

What made this experience so memorable that you wanted to craft a single about it? What do you want this song to say about you as a creative person?

Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery is an incredibly beautiful resting place. I was walking around on a crisp, sunny afternoon, strolling through the beautiful red, orange, and yellow-leaved trees that surrounded a shimmering pond. I sat on a bench and stared at the raft of ducks quacking and flapping in the water. It was glorious in a way, but I was going through a bout of depression, so the palette morphed to black and white. And as the afternoon wore on, it became very chilly. I passed the Travolta-guy's tomb and contemplated his demise. That was the genesis of "Greenwood." Creatively, I supposed it indicates a dark side that I'm pretty good at channeling.

How was it working with the excellent team that brought "Greenwood" to the ears of the public? How did you all come to collaborate?

I wrote the song years ago but never had a satisfactory recording of it. It was a traditional rock song structure with a '70's glitter rock vibe. Last year, I played it for Jim Mastro (my producer), and he dug it. He really brought out the glitter. Working with him and the usual guys (Tony Shanahan, Ray Ketchem, Joe Gentile, and Renee LoBue) gives me great joy.

What's your mission statement as an artist?

I don't know, to write great songs? Be better each time out? My real mission should be to promote my fucking material. That I'm not so good with. That needs improvement, whether I like it or not.

What's next for you?

We're working on a follow-up album to "Tragicomic." And I want to get back to gigging. That's the best way to promote my material, isn't it?

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