Greg Amici Releases Playful and Catchy Single, “Cynthia, Come to Me”

From Los Angeles, California, Greg Amici is a musician, screenwriter, and actor who is about to release a new single called “Cynthia, Come to Me” on May 1st, 2020. The song, which was produced by James Mastro at Magic Door Recording, is to be included in his upcoming EP called 'Tragicomic.' Born and raised in New Jersey, Greg Amici was first exposed to the music of local Jersey Shore clubs including The Stone Pony and the Melody Bar. He began his career as an artist fronting the New York City rock band called “Big Honey.” He has since graduated to begin creating his own music as a solo artist. Showcasing his many cinematic talents, Greg Amici’s “Cynthia, Come to Me” is inspired by Nicholas Cage’s character in the comedy, horror movie “Vampire’s Kiss.”

The lighthearted energy of the song encompasses the struggles modern men have in accepting the responsibilities of reality and adulthood. The classic drum and guitar strumming beat gives the song a retro style. Greg Amici sings with bubbly and energetic vocals, making the chorus catchy and vibrant. Near the end of “Cynthia, Come to Me” the melody is whistled for a few verses, giving the song yet another youthful spin. The playful spirit of “Cynthia, Come to Me” could make the song an ideal soundtrack for a movie or musical. It is clear that Greg Amici combines his musical and cinematic talents to create a captivating story and a theme within the song “Cynthia, Come to Me.”