GREGNWMN Brings The Heat in a New Release, "93 CELSIUS"

Based in Los Angeles, California, the thriving alternative hip-hop artist and songwriter GREGNWMN sets fire to the stage with his latest steamy release, "93 CELSIUS."

Always striving to focus on transparency, intention, and authenticity in his releases and creative works, GREGNWMN never fails to leave his audience feeling inspired with his empowering and conceptual bars. Influenced by the sounds of soca, calypso, and reggae, GREGNWMN has now ventured into the tones of striking alternative hip-hop that enhances his artistic expression and high-energy performances.

Now releasing his hard-hitting single, "93 CELSIUS," GREGNWMN also released an in-depth music video that showcases his performative charisma and tenacity. Not to mention his dominant and authoritative bars, GREGNWMN leaves us feeling nothing but empowered to bring our dreams and goals into reality.

Diving into "93 CELSIUS," the track kicks off with a dense and haunting production landscape through crunchy sub-bass, eerie synth arrangements, and a crisp snare that brings us into the heart of contemporary hip-hop. As GREGNWMN makes his dominant vocal appearance, he begins to submerge us into the song's heat and power with each persuasive bar that leaves us feeling inspired to chase our desires.

As GREGNWMN grooves his way into the hook, he offers this brilliant and conceptual lyrical arrangement that showcases his innate confidence and resilience, which truly sets him apart from other up-and-coming hip-hop acts. We must also mention the overall unique tones and sounds that GREGNWMN's dense vocal portrayal has to offer, as he drenches our speakers in charisma, energy, and power with each fiery and meaningful bar.