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GREGNWMN Brings The Heat in a New Release, "93 CELSIUS"

Based in Los Angeles, California, the thriving alternative hip-hop artist and songwriter GREGNWMN sets fire to the stage with his latest steamy release, "93 CELSIUS."

Always striving to focus on transparency, intention, and authenticity in his releases and creative works, GREGNWMN never fails to leave his audience feeling inspired with his empowering and conceptual bars. Influenced by the sounds of soca, calypso, and reggae, GREGNWMN has now ventured into the tones of striking alternative hip-hop that enhances his artistic expression and high-energy performances.

Now releasing his hard-hitting single, "93 CELSIUS," GREGNWMN also released an in-depth music video that showcases his performative charisma and tenacity. Not to mention his dominant and authoritative bars, GREGNWMN leaves us feeling nothing but empowered to bring our dreams and goals into reality.

Diving into "93 CELSIUS," the track kicks off with a dense and haunting production landscape through crunchy sub-bass, eerie synth arrangements, and a crisp snare that brings us into the heart of contemporary hip-hop. As GREGNWMN makes his dominant vocal appearance, he begins to submerge us into the song's heat and power with each persuasive bar that leaves us feeling inspired to chase our desires.

As GREGNWMN grooves his way into the hook, he offers this brilliant and conceptual lyrical arrangement that showcases his innate confidence and resilience, which truly sets him apart from other up-and-coming hip-hop acts. We must also mention the overall unique tones and sounds that GREGNWMN's dense vocal portrayal has to offer, as he drenches our speakers in charisma, energy, and power with each fiery and meaningful bar.

Start your engines with help from GREGNWMN's latest single, "93 CELSIUS," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

What a dominant and powerhouse performance you've brought with your latest single, "93 CELSIUS." What inspired you to write this authoritative and empowering tune?

This piece came about in an interesting and frustrating time. It felt as though I couldn’t catch a break from what was going on in my personal and professional life. Those pressures always seem to create the purest of expressions though… there’s no time to acknowledge anything except the raw emotion that presents itself at the moment.

Who produced the hefty sonic arrangements within "93 CELSIUS"? What sort of sonic atmosphere and vibe were you aiming to achieve?

This piece is produced by Epik the Dawn, I came across the production online and immediately knew it was special. Something about the synth lead filling out the sub-bass stuck out and felt very urgent. The rapid tempo of the snare only reinforced that choice to make the overall narrative match that urgency.

My main focus was to refract the feeling of pressure I felt from what I was going through at the time. Remaining disciplined in your career and personal life can get hard to balance at times. That coupled with it being a relentlessly hot summer day, everything came together.

What was your songwriting process like for "93 CELSIUS"? What did you want your audience to take away from your heated and empowering bars?

I usually start off with an overarching concept pulled down from where the production takes me, beginning with the chorus. “I have my hand over the button” felt like a perfect way to begin weaving the metaphor of “My Impact Is In My Hands.” Digging deeper into this metaphor pushed me to be bolder in showcasing why I believe I deserve to be in the rooms I find myself in. This record is me “claiming my space” as a unique emerging Artist with something to prove.

How does "93 CELSIUS" contrast your previous single, "SOLAR FLARE"? Would you say that these two songs share more differences than similarities or vice versa?

From my perspective, both records have their own way of handling and presenting pivotal moments in time. Whether it be in discovery, frustration, confidence, or fear. They’re both very primal, in that the sounds themselves are built to induce motion, but they are very human in the way that it puts you into the driver's seat of the story's POV. I think both 93 CELSIUS & SOLAR FLARE are two separate sides of the same coin/shape.

What's next for you?

The focus now is refining the narrative of “Who is GREGNWMN?” to the world. Opening up is the next step that I believe will unlock the next level of my creative process as well. Taking these records on the road & sharing the experiences in each record will add to the context of whet to go from here. Taking action has been the most holistic way of holding on to peace in my life.

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