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GREN Teams Up With DeCoda S To Give Listeners A Fueled-Up Track, "Crash"

Australian singer/songwriter GREN has built up an artistic resumé that could potentially raise some eyebrows. As a touring hardcore band member, GREN lived the beginning of his artistic life as a dedicated drummer.

Playing many live shows and touring the country, GREN authentically grew his experience and repertoire, to say the very least. Now releasing his fourth single within 6 months, GREN's career as a solo artist is only beginning as he's imprinting on the music world, song release by song release.

The latest offering by GREN includes "Crash," which hosts a collaboration between himself and DeCoda S. The two do a deep dive into many subgenres of rap, and as an experienced drummer, GREN includes many of his own drumming tracks on "Crash," which only work to amplify the already-intense atmosphere that the song produces.

There's really not one moment to take a break while listening to GREN's heavily impassioned song. The fast-paced, gritty, and high-energy single displays a ferocious delivery from GREN, in which he's clear and confident in every lyric he spits out. The chorus itself is harmonious and features a full-blown singing performance compared to the usual rap delivery given by GREN.

"Crash" brings dominance to a new level, setting high expectations for what's to come from GREN. He pierces the air with his deliberate flow and seamlessly blends hardcore, strong-willed lyricism with captivating sonics. All in all, listening to "Crash" is like getting to know GREN and his artist self on a deeper level, so listen closely to what this up-and-coming solo artist has to say.

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