Grey King Leaves Lies In The Past With, "Delusional"

From Memphis to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist Grey King dives into an emotional experience we can all relate to with their debut single, "Delusional."

Since embarking on their writing journey with 30+ books, Grey King has moved into songwriting with help from influences like Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Brandy, Monica, and more. Through a warm r&b/pop sound and honest lyrics, Grey King strives to touch people's hearts and give listeners a soundtrack to their days.

King's stunning debut single, "Delusional," was one hell of a way to start a music career. They describe the song as "the moment we wake up from the lies we tell ourselves that keep us stagnant." Through a stimulating blend of dark r&b production and modern drum/piano arrangements, Grey King keeps us locked in as they move inner mountains.

Expanding on the new single, "Delusional," we're met with soft piano melodies that slowly drift into the verse alongside Grey King's breathy and chilling vocals. Listening to their lyrics, King sings an honest message about the many memories that linger with someone special but knowing that the positives don't outweigh the negatives.

As we move forward, the song's dark r&b synths begin expanding and drowning our speakers in a gripping, soulful vibe that matches Grey King's vulnerable lyrics perfectly.

Towards the outro, King recollects their thoughts and expresses how they've grown to redefine themselves and what they stand for. "Loving me is more than this," they sing. The song slowly comes to a close while Grey King pleads to keep their sanity and move forward on their personal journey.

Perhaps there's no better way to wake up and smell the roses than with Grey King's honest debut single, "Delusional," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Grey King. Congratulations on releasing your beautiful and sincere debut single, "Delusional." What inspired this deeply emotional piece?

Thank you for having me and thank you so much! So “Delusional” actually stems from the very hard subject of abusive relationships and what keeps us in them. Sometimes our heads are telling us to leave while our hearts are keeping us there. It is a sense of delusion that keeps us stagnant. Delusion that they will change, that they will go back to how they were, that you can survive what they do to prove you love them. I know that I lived with those delusions for a long time until one day I decided that I didn’t want that anymore. It wasn’t as easy as just saying no more and leaving it took time but deciding that I didn’t want to be delusional about them as a person anymore was the first step.

Why did you want to release "Delusional" as the first official track of your solo career? How can listeners get to know you through this song?

“Delusional” was my first official track because of how much it meant for me to even write it. Admitting that those past abusive situations even exist is hard for me but I put pen to paper and this was the product. I felt like I needed to share it to remind people in similar situations that they aren’t alone and the first step is an important one. I think I think my listeners can learn about who I am and how far I’ve come from this one track alone. They can see the growth in me even from just one song

What was the hardest part about creating such an honest piece like "Delusional"? Did you face any personal or physical challenges?

I’m going to be honest, I bawled when I first wrote this song. Like big dramatic ugly tears. Because for me there were little flashbacks. Flashbacks of broken promises, bruises, heartbreaks, and how long and hard I had to work to put the pieces back together again. It took me three false starts with this song to even really finish it. Once it was finished I had to put it away and cry about it. It felt cleansing but cleansing and healing yourself can hurt and this song definitely hurt. But I feel so much better for even having wrote it let alone put it out there.

What do you hope the listener feels or realizes after hearing "Delusional"? What was your goal?

I hope that they can hear that they aren’t alone. I hope that if they are currently in a bad situation that even just realizing that the situation is bad is an important first step. I want them to know that yeah, it’s gonna hurt to take the rose-tinted glasses off but in the end, things will get better and they can grow.

What's next for you?

Currently, the debate is EP or single release but I do have two new songs in the works they are titled “Let Me Love You” and “Ride”. The end goal for me is to make music that gets back to my 90s R&B roots. And I think that those two tracks are going to do that for me. I just really want to keep making music that can speak to people and me for that matter.