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Grey King Says “Let Me Love You”

Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of Los Angeles, R&B artist Grey King is an extraordinary talent, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene.

With roots in Memphis, Tennessee, Grey's passion for music has been a lifelong journey, blossoming into an artistic career transcending traditional boundaries. In addition to their thriving music career, Grey King has also made a name as a published author and an actor, crafting narratives and embodying roles that captivate and inspire.

At 28, Grey King released their first single, "Delusional," demonstrating a remarkable artistic vision and dedication to their craft. With a focus on a nostalgic 90s R&B sound, Grey King's music is both evocative and enchanting, promising a bright future in the industry.

The latest single, "Let Me Love You," is a mesmerizing ode to love and connection, infused with vulnerability and emotional depth. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of love, exploring themes of healing and the potential for new beginnings. The song's chorus implores the listener to "let me love you," emphasizing the desire to create a safe space for emotional growth and mutual support.

Grey King's vocal performance on "Let Me Love You" is nothing short of spellbinding, with a velvety-smooth timbre that effortlessly conveys the emotional intensity of the lyrics. Their vocal delivery is both tender and powerful, providing the perfect vehicle for the song's message of love and acceptance.

Grey King's "Let Me Love You" is a breathtakingly beautiful ballad that captures the essence of human connection, vulnerability, and love. With such a powerful and emotive offering, there is no doubt that Grey King is destined for great heights in their artistic journey. Keep an eye out for more enchanting music from this exceptional talent in the future.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Grey King; cheers to letting out your true feelings on "Let Me Love You" In "Let Me Love You," you explore themes of vulnerability and emotional healing. Can you share any personal experiences or inspirations that led you to write about these topics in your song?

It’s a pleasure to be here, and thank you. For me, “Let Me Love You” was almost written like a love letter to me from my future partner. I’ve been through a thing or two, not limited to being cheated on and in a different situation, breaking up a relationship not because I wanted to or they wanted to but because it just made the most sense at the time, and this was me thinking about what I would want my partner to say to me. Once I had the idea, I just stepped into being the one to say it to someone else.

The nostalgic 90s R&B sound is a prominent feature in "Let Me Love You." What drew you to this particular era and style, and how does it enhance the message you are trying to convey with this song?

So, the 90s will forever and always have a special place in my heart. On top of that 90s, R&B has always been something smooth that will make you feel. When I think of the genre, I cannot think of a single song that doesn’t put you in your feelings. For “Let Me Love You,” in particular, felt like the best feel for the lyrics. I wanted the lyrics and everything else to be able to touch people’s hearts and feelings.

You have diverse creative outlets as a singer, songwriter, author, and actor. How does your experience in these different fields influence the way you approach songwriting and the creation of "Let Me Love You"?

The biggest one is that these things have taught me to step outside myself. I can’t just write me or for me over and over again. I need to see it from the other side or say it from the other side. This ability allowed me to write “Let Me Love You” for myself but step out and perform it for another person I have yet to meet. I always want my songs to come from me and speak to me, but I also want other people to listen and say, “I’ve been there, and this is exactly how it felt,” I think my creative outlets allow that.

The lyrics in "Let Me Love You" paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of love. Can you tell us about your songwriting process and how you poetically captured these emotions?

For this song in particular, I’m going, to be honest, the title came first, and then I spent two weeks just thinking… and thinking… and thinking about the message I wanted to put out there. The first thought was about self-love and learning yourself, which took me to the song. As I wrote it, I remember thinking, “What if someone was falling in love with you and trying to get through the wall you’ve built?” I’m big on words, so I dove into that thread, and three days after finally starting, the lyrics were finally done. I have to say I want to be romanced in the way that I hope this song evokes, and that is what I was trying to put out.

With the success of "Let Me Love You" and your continued dedication to your craft, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career, and what can fans expect from your upcoming projects?

I can honestly say I am looking into performing live more. The thought of being able to perform in front of an audience thrills me, so I am always on the lookout. I, of course, have more songs planned. As we speak, I am working on three more. Each one trying to get in touch with the 90s R&B feels that I strive for where I can. I also want to release an EP for my birthday in September. And I want to build a fanbase full of people that feel like my music speaks to them and continue to grow as a songwriter and a performer.


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