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Grim Chiefa Releases "Inside"

Grim Chiefa released his latest record titled “Inside” and he knows exactly what’s selling nowadays and what records are breaking the charts because he takes that trendy sound and cultivate it into something unique for him. With the delightful trap instrumental, Grim Chiefa adds a detailed autotune to his vocals where he vocally resonate witty lyrics, fun for the upcoming spring break season. What I interpreted from this record is that Grim Chiefa is basically stating that nobody knows the emotions or the person underlying his outside persona. I also elucidated that he’s essentially proclaiming how there’s many many layers to him, and not only to him but to everyone. We can uncover these layers to the “Inside” by getting to know a person. I think it’s the most appropriate hit for those who may feel misunderstood by others. Although a deep message can be decoded behind the charismatic and bright sound, Grim Chiefa nonetheless delivers a hit song perfect for any mood you may be in.

Get deep with Grim Chiefa's "Inside" by adding this track to your Spotify playlist.

Familiarize yourself with Grim Chiefa's through his exclusive interview, just scroll down!


Hey there! Care to introduce yourself to our readers? What prompted you to make your stage name "Grim Chiefa" ?

When I first began making music I was just using my last name as my stage name. But I wanted something that was a little more unique and actually describes me. The reason I chose Grim Chiefa is because most of my music has some what of a dark undertone, and a lot of the production I enjoy using has some what of a smokey airy sound.

How would you artistically interpret your single “Inside”  for our readers?

My single Inside is about a Young Man realizing everything about him is what makes him great, and that he should embrace that. And eventhough you're going to be feeling down sometimes, you can still shine.

Do you have any current music influences? If so who and why?

My biggest music influence would have to be Kid Cudi. His music is just so honest and relatable. When I listen to his music it feels like my soul is being touched.

Besides music, do you have any other hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?

I enjoy playing basketball from time to time, and also Playing 2k and Madden. I'm, like, the greatest to ever play 2k, no one can see me in that.

What can we look forward from you in the next coming months?

I will be performing Live in Charlotte, NC April 11th at the Apostrophe Lounge. Im hoping to do a lot more live performances, and drop some visuals to bring my music alive more.


Keep up to date with Grim Chiefa through his Instagram and Twitter.


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