Grim Gives Classic Rock and Roll a New Edge With Their Latest Single “Blood”

In 2016, a new-aged rock and roll band called Grim was formed in Red Deer, Alberta. The band originally formed to perform at a local bar but ended up working on their debut record soon after. Grim ended up playing throughout Alberta consistently. They are a rock and roll band that incorporates southern metal and hardcore influences. With today's music, it's refreshing to hear a traditional rock and roll sound that has its own unique and modern edge.

Grim’s new single “Blood” first introduces a gentle instrumental consisting of short electric guitar notes and sparse taps of the snare. The guitars accompany the fast-paced drumming as the tempo eventually kicks up. Most of the vocals are sung through a megaphone which muffles the voice slightly, making it sound like a truck radio. The singers belt out the chorus with a typical rock and roll intensity. Not only do the vocals liven up, but the instrumental background reaches a new level of energy-packed to the brim with upbeat guitar riffs. For anyone who is a fan of in-your-face rock and roll sounds, “Blood” is definitely for you.

Stream "Blood" here