Grizzy Wynter Returns With His Fresh New Single, "Paperchase" Featuring RCN Koco

Grizzy Wynter is a Hip-Hop artist who is inspired by the many forms of entertainment such as music, movies, comics, and anime. These inspirations all lead together to create a complex fusion of emotions that gets stronger with every Grizzy Wynter release.

Recently along with RCN Koco, Grizzy Wynter released the heavy high-intensity single “Paperchase” and it is full of attitude and vibes. Throughout “Paperchase” we were captivated by each of the incredible vocal performances, there’s a bit of an awe-inspiring feeling to this release. We were constantly on the edge of our seats listening to each lyric, “Paperchase” is a lot more attention-grabbing than we expected - it makes you want to pay attention to each lyric. The subtle cinematic flair lets us imagine this tune in a dramatic film scene about a character trying to work their way up the ladder. This record features an extremely groovy 808 drum rhythm that feels organic, cinematic sounding keys with a bit of an ethereal flair to them, a deep Moog style bass that has the perfect amount of bite, and a complex but complementary dynamically evolving vocal performance from Grizzy Wynter and RCN Koco that perfectly completes this song to give it a polished feeling to it. This is a release that we were not expecting and now Grizzy Wynter has us on the edge of our seats waiting for what is next to come.

Listen to "Paperchase" here.