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Grizzy Wynter Returns With His Fresh New Single, "Paperchase" Featuring RCN Koco

Grizzy Wynter is a Hip-Hop artist who is inspired by the many forms of entertainment such as music, movies, comics, and anime. These inspirations all lead together to create a complex fusion of emotions that gets stronger with every Grizzy Wynter release.

Recently along with RCN Koco, Grizzy Wynter released the heavy high-intensity single “Paperchase” and it is full of attitude and vibes. Throughout “Paperchase” we were captivated by each of the incredible vocal performances, there’s a bit of an awe-inspiring feeling to this release. We were constantly on the edge of our seats listening to each lyric, “Paperchase” is a lot more attention-grabbing than we expected - it makes you want to pay attention to each lyric. The subtle cinematic flair lets us imagine this tune in a dramatic film scene about a character trying to work their way up the ladder. This record features an extremely groovy 808 drum rhythm that feels organic, cinematic sounding keys with a bit of an ethereal flair to them, a deep Moog style bass that has the perfect amount of bite, and a complex but complementary dynamically evolving vocal performance from Grizzy Wynter and RCN Koco that perfectly completes this song to give it a polished feeling to it. This is a release that we were not expecting and now Grizzy Wynter has us on the edge of our seats waiting for what is next to come.

Listen to "Paperchase" here.

Hey Grizzy Wynter! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest single “Paperchase" with RCN Koco is incredibly well done, some cinematic flairs happening here too! What was the thought process behind the creation of the record? Did you start off with the lyrics or the beat? We were just in the studio for a private event, and shout out to the producer Sammi, he just threw the beat on an automatically I was like " I got something for this " and went into my bag and Koco went into his bag and we just started going off 

Both you and RCN Koco deliver pretty intense lines, what was it like to work together? How did the two of you meet? Was there one person who would record first before the other or did it happen live at the same time? We had met before and kicked it definitely plus we worked on a track,  Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, with $ohan before and we wanted to drop something together, we were in the studio a the same time and we just caught a wave off the beat and it was history 

In “Paperchase” we were getting the feeling that it could work in a dramatic movie scene about a character wanting to climb to the top, do you picture the song working in any particular scene and environment? Was this something you ever thought of when creating the song?

No actually, we were just recording our verses and I came up with the hook off the vibe of the song, but now that you mention it I feel like I'll definitely be sending it off to play in movie or game 

Every release you put out seems to keep building more and more on your skills, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Do you have any future goals for yourself?

Drop my upcoming album  Illuminate and then Tour. Tour. Tour.


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