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Groove Along With Dress Code In “Ride Tonight”

Derek Holley has been successfully creating his own eclectic-electro for over a decade as Dress Code. He strives to get to the heart of what’s most important to his own ears in music, this has led Derek to play his music with humble confidence and intense conviction. Based in Dayton, Ohio, Dress Code was originally a duo. After releasing their debut album and seeing much success, the break-up occurred shortly after. Derek Holley found himself on his own with Dress Code but more creatively-inspired and free to truly express his musical-vision through the project. Derek now writes, creates, performs the atmospheres, tones and sonic-textures of this ‘virtual band’. Derek Holley is here to play & here to stay in Dress Code.

Dress Code’s known rhythmic sounds comes blasting through the speakers in “Ride Tonight”. The dynamic fusion of danceable tracks, funky flavor and infectious melodies make this a timeless hit single. “Ride Tonight” features electronic synths and a light backbeat give the track a fun-loving vibe. A precise bassline throughout “Ride Tonight” sets the foundation for a catchy electronic/pop track. Allow Dress Code’s transporting sound to take you on a journey. Let the layers of mesmerizing music paint a soundscape in your mind and escape reality for a while. Derek allows his listeners to get lost in the intoxicating rhythm he has created. “Ride Tonight” is an energetic and contagious track that we can’t get enough of. No boundaries or rules can limit Dress Code’s extensive and ever growing sound. He remains free from any one genre and frees the mind of his listeners. Stay on the lookout!

Check out “Ride Tonight” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hi Derek! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by explaining your stage name, Dress Code?

I came up with the name as irony, since a dress code is rules about style or appearance and I wanted to do the musical opposite of that from by influenced by different genres of music (dance/electronic, rock, funk, etc.)

What was your upbringing into music like? How did you get started?

I've been playing music for as long as I can remember. I used to get toy instruments as a kid and got real ones when I was older. I started out on the drums, then went to guitar and bass later on, and then electronic instruments after that. I also got into songwriting from reading lyric sheets that came with different albums and CDs I had and would try to write my own verses and choruses. After all that, I started producing my own tracks from experimenting with different home recording gear.

What goal did you strive to achieve with “Ride Tonight”? What inspired it?

"Ride Tonight" is about when you have time to yourself and want to get away from your everyday routine. I wanted it to be an upbeat dance track with some rock influences.

What are three things you want your fans to know about you?

1. They keep me motivated and wanting to do more.2. I play instruments left-handed 3. I'm always looking for new musical ideas and thinking about what's next.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere for me. It can be from seeing a great live show, meeting different people, finding out about some new band/artist and hearing them for the first time, or even rediscovering something that I haven't heard in a long time.


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