Groove Along With Scooter Page’s New Album “4224”

Scott Caudill, better known for his professional name Scooter Page, gives us original written artistry always inspired by a spirited vision. Heartfelt, thought-provoking, and full of energy, his music is a catchy Alternative/Pop-Rock Soul vibe backed by feel good harmonies. His sound isn’t easily categorized and he crosses your typical boundaries with ease, delivering his own captivating style. His character is always suggestive, eye opening, honest, and carries a relatable realness. Enjoy the marbleized sounds and visions, brought to you by Scooter Page through his artistry. His talent is limitless and his message is timeless.

“4224” is Scotter Page’s latest album and we’re hooked! It’s a timeless blend of catchy alternative rock, catchy pop hits and laced with Scooter’s undertones of R&B influence. Starting the album off to an incredible start, Scooter explodes through the speakers with “Take Me Back”, reminiscent of a class rock vibe, he fuses his own authentic soul and hip-hop flare into the mix. Through the refreshing lyricism and raw delivery, Scooter sets the stage for an incredible journey. “Take Me Back” carries a relatable realness for anyone to groove along to. “Use Me” brings us high energy and more addicting catchy riffs. With more a pop-rock feel, Scooter Page delivers infectious rhythmic textures and hard-hitting, sensual lyrics. The confidence Scooter brings to the music scene is admirable and spread a fun-loving positivity through his fun, party lyrics. “Material Dysfunction” is a groovy, upbeat track with contagious, ravenous guitar taking center stage. Scooter Page’s dedication to craft in the details is admirable. “Material Dysfunction” is overflowing with infectious and vivid music all fused together with awakening lyrics and skilled instrumentals. Scooter Page brings high energy and an indefinitely loud testimony to the magic of the alt-rock music scene. “If You Were Me” showcases Scooter Page’s lyrical depth as this track takes on a more serious tone. It’s a retrospective track and we see a more vulnerable side of Scooter’s thoughts and feelings. Layered guitars, ground breaking vocals and deliberate drums give “If You Were Me” a transporting feeling.

Painting a soundscape in your mind, Scooter allows the listener to escape into an alternate reality and live in the music. “King of The Night” focuses energy on Scooter’s versatility and expansive knowledge in music. His sensuality flows freely and allows the listener to build stronger connections through the music. The album takes a tempo change as Scooter introduces his retro ballad, “Running”. The intro is flawlessly stripped down and raw. His honest lyrics are full of love and incredible harmonies as he shares his vibrant love story. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Scooter stuns with vulnerability and truth in “This Life”. A stunning tribute to his outlook on life and the world around him, Scooter Page will easily make you grateful for everything in your life, while keeping the music melodically rich and alluring. “Brand New Day” is an inspiring and uplifting track that we can’t get enough of. The empowering guitar melodies weave us into Scooter’s powerful vocals and feel-good vibes. As the album approaches conclusion, Scooter picks up the pace once again with “Who Are You”. The contagious rock tune demands to be heard as Scooter lays down some tight groove and infectious lyrics. This track is guaranteed to have you singing along to every word.


“Listen to Me” is a hard-hitting and empowering anthem for people from all walks of life. It’s about understanding that it’s okay to need somebody to love. We all want that special attention and love from someone and this track perfectly captures the essence and energy of that light-hearted feeling. To conclude the album “4224”, Scooter Page brings us out in a big way with a thunderous rock intro into “Free”, with dark pop synths, a driving bassline and echoing vocals, “Free” explodes into a truly timeless hit to galvanize to music industry today. I love the overall energy that Scooter Page brings to the table. “4224” feature heavy instrumentals filled with enough emotion while still remaining gritty, alternative rock. With elements of classic rock mixed with contemporary rhythms and a powerful sound, “4224” is an intense album. Scooter is able to relate to his listeners on so many levels. Through his meaningful lyricism or his finely-calibrated instrumentals, Scooter Page establishes true connections with his fans.

Check out the full experience of the album “4224” here and read more with Scooter Page in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Scooter Page! Welcome to BuzzMusic. What overall theme does your album “4224” have?

The theme of the album is a Brand New Day: Journey to 4224. Its reassessment re discovery and re-emergence back into life’s journey on this human experience. 

From an artist’s perspective, what’s your favorite track? Why? 

From an artist's perspective, One of my favs is the new single Materialistic Dysfunction. The reason is its a play on my different styles and lyrically I’m letting go of a lot of garbage I held on to. It's awesome to be able to let go of things that were holding you back. It's confident and free. It's also a blast to perform live! The crowd always gets the perspective and gives the energy right back to me! It is a crowd-pleaser for sure!

Are all of the songs on “4224” based on life experiences? 

Yes, all the songs on this project and most of my projects are from life's experience in one way or another. This one is a little edgier than my last album as far as my interpretation of my life experiences. I was more open to saying more and incorporating different sounds in the process. This time I added some programmed drums and synths which made it more playful I feel.

What’s your writing process like?

My writing process is ongoing and always living. Lol...its get my phone when I have an idea that hits me; if I'm not home I hum the melody if I have lyrics I sing them in a voice message till I get home and then I start to put it to chords and melody. From there its studio time. Sometimes songs are brought to me musically already made and I write melody and lyrics and tell the story. To me daily a chance for a new song. Most of the time I catch the voice of inspiration and ride the wave to completion. I've been lucky like that. I've got a ton of songs. My catalog is constantly increasing. 

What’s next for Scooter Page?

What next on my journey is to rock stages keep writing, producing and releasing more records. I have a fire to wake and light others up so thats what keeps me going. It's an ageless thing that doesn’t seem to ever burn out in me. Giving of myself through my music is how I breathe. Creation is life. Every song is like a child to me. 

Coming up I’m opening for Alien Ant Farm on Oct 18th and then I’m with Powerman 5000 Dec 13th both shows at the whiskey a go-go on sunset in LA. That's gonna be rad! I'm also putting together a ThanksROCKgiving show for Nov. Oh and I’m already flying back out to Nashville to work on my next project aug 21st-27. That whole process will be filmed and released with the project as a documentary in 2020. Looking forward to that! Then I’m also in talks to head across the pond to Europe!! Which I’m stoked about!! So no joke everything is rad! No complaints! I'm thankful I was consistent and stubborn and never gave up. Definitely staying as busy as my mind! Lol...while I’m in this inspired state I’m living every moment to the fullest to express and give back what's now being given to the best of my creative abilities. Definitely enjoying each Brand New Day’s journey that is 4224 


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