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Groove Away With Alex Van's Latest Heartfelt Single, "You Know"

Hailing from Belgium, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Van expands on a confusing situationship with his latest single entitled "You Know."

The exciting recording artist began playing music by the age of nine as he got into classical guitar. Since then, Alex Van's style quickly shifted towards folk, blues, pop, and rock. Through his honest lyrics and catchy melodies, Alex Van often covers themes of heartbreak, grief, and mental struggles to allow listeners to connect with him on every level possible.

Through his latest single, "You Know," listeners can get to know what Alex Van is all about; memorable melodies, meaningful lyrics, and engaging instrumentals. This song is incredibly refreshing and offers an uplifting feeling thanks to Alex Van's passionate, charismatic, and feel-good performance. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Jumping into "You Know," the track takes off with a warm electric guitar melody that brings us into a vibrant and lively atmosphere. As Alex Van makes his way in alongside the mid-tempo drums and soothing background production, he begins to enlighten us on how he waits day in and out for someone to love and cherish.

We love Alex Van's ability to deliver such cathartic and passionate lyrics while backing them up with his soulful, lively, and attention-commanding performance. As we continue moving through this bright and feel-good piece, Alex Van makes it difficult to ignore such a tender, rich, and ear-pleasing sound, especially with each melodic instrumental and his charming vocal portrayal.

Do yourself a favor and check out Alex Van's latest uplifting and heartfelt single, "You Know," available on all digital streaming platforms.

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