Groove Away with Lee Laamaj's Latest Hit, "Mute"

One of the newest faces on the West Coast music scene, the talented musician, producer, rapper, and singer-songwriter Lee Laamaj releases his toe-tapping single, "Mute."

Graduating from the California Polytechnic University of Pomona with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Studies, it's no secret that Lee Laamaj is the industry's secret weapon. Through his recent well-received works, Lee Laamaj stopped at nothing until he appropriately showcased his multifaceted artistic skills.

Expanding on his recent single, "Mute," Lee Laamaj drenches this song in confidence and poise through each intricate bar and his rhythmic delivery. While grooving away with the modern r&b/hip-hop production, Lee Laamaj leaves his audience tapping their feet to each and every beat.

"Mute" opens with a soothing synth arrangement and Lee Laamaj's warm vocal delivery. Once the up-tempo beat drops with tight drum breaks abound, Lee Laamaj jumps to the forefront and spills his quick-witted bars while dripping with determination and dominance. Also offering his harmonic vocal abilities, we adore how well-rounded and to-the-point this track is.

While Lee Laamaj continues riding the beat with his melodic and tight-knit bars, we become more and more impressed with his delivery as he enlivens his audience with nothing but energy. While grooving towards the outro, Laamaj pours his warm vocals over the track one last time for listeners to remember and savor.

Don't miss out on Lee Laamaj's energetic hit, "Mute," now available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

We adore the groove and vibe of your latest single, "Mute." Did anything, in particular, inspire you to create this track?

Thank you so much! Honestly, I was thinking about making a classic. I kept asking myself, “What would be a way to be 100% me while still creating an entirely different experience for the listener?” And this is what I came up with. What did you want to get across to your audience through your upbeat and confident lyricism within "Mute?"

I wanted to get across the idea of following in your own footsteps. Being able to focus on your own voice instead of hearing others who have opinions on what you should do with yourself. I believe it is a dangerous game trying to please everyone and if you choose to play, then you could end up losing yourself. I want my listeners and fans to take a step back when they play my song, and realize that their voice is more powerful than they think it is. Did you produce "Mute" yourself? Or did you work with any fellow producers for the sonics? How did your creative process go about?

I produced it myself! I tend to produce a lot of my own music, it’s just easier that way. The creative process involves me locking myself in my room and adding sounds like a piece to a puzzle starting with the melody. Once The creative process was done, then I headed over to Golden Impala Studios, and my engineer and close friend Julian Salas did his part making sure the beat and my vocals sounded butter smooth. How do singles like "Mute" help listeners get to know you and your sound better? Are you always one to create such dense and tight lyrical content, similar to your bars on "Mute?"

This song Gets my listeners to know me by hearing the vibes that you get from the initial beat drop, from the lyrical stories I portray, and from the message I Emphasize through the song. I always try to be a better version of myself every day, and when they play this song, I hope they get that impression and try a be the best version of themself as well. A lot of my music can be dense and lyrically tight, but I also make songs that make you want to get up and dance. I don’t like to put myself in a box because since I am able to create all by myself, I can take my music in any direction I choose. I have rap songs, Pop songs, R&B songs, Caribbean songs, and so much more. But all the fans will be able to check it all out on my Next Project, “Los Vibris Forever,” coming soon.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Honestly, the fact that I'm great at it. It's the best way I know how to express my emotions and get things off of my chest. I feel like I am a great communicator, but they’re a lot of things that are just too hard to say that is just easier making a song out of. I've had moments where I wanted to quit, but they are so short-lived because the next day I would be making a beat, then rap or sing on it. I've just come to accept that Making music is who I am, and I would die for it. Also, the fans keep me going! I know they see what I see and hear what I hear when I make these songs. It makes me feel confident knowing that people love my music for me and that they want to hear more and see where the vision of Los Vibris takes them.