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Groove Down Memory Lane with Mind Enterprises' Music Video, "Girls and Boys"

The Turin-raised producer and electronic artist Mind Enterprises sends us back to the flashy 80s with his tongue-in-cheek music video for the smash single, "Girls and Boys."

You may have heard Mind Enterprises' big break by way of Purple Disco Machine's 2020 single, "Exotica." Now making their way through the industry better than ever, Andrea Tirone and his drummer Roberto continue to release their take on synth-powered Italo through groovy disco basslines, hypnotic drum patterns, and cosmic keyboard ventures.

Recently releasing the first release on his new label Bandama, Mind Enterprises' latest single and music video for "Girls and Boys" takes us into Palermo, Sicily, a place that's become a rendezvous point between Andrea and Roberto. "Thinking back to that last glittering summer, I hear the sound of 'Boys and Girls' carrying us through these blissful times," states Andrea Tirone.

Transporting us back to the 80s and 90s with his latest music video, "Girls and Boys," the video opens retro captions that introduce our cast while giving us a good laugh through their mockery towards nostalgic editing. Zooming into the seaside of Palermo, we're met with the short-shorts-wearing duo Mind Enterprises through a one-shot take of them grooving to the song's upbeat vibe.

Panning over to stage left, viewers can catch female leads Kaat and Chiara enjoying their ice cream while panning back over to Mind Enterprises. As the two couples quite literally drift together, the comedic one-shot video comes to an end, with both pairs lost in a slightly awkward groove.

Feel the heat of the hairy-chested 80s with help from Mind Enterprises' recent music video for their Italo-Disco-infused single, "Girls and Boys," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mind Enterprises. We genuinely appreciate the comedic approach you've taken with your recent music video for "Girls and Boys." What inspired this 80s flashback vibe for your music video? Hi, thank you for having me here. I stumbled across the video of ‘self control’ from RAF during one of our 80s music afternoons in Sicily. Lately, Palermo has become a rendezvous point for my drummer Roberto and me. Flying in from Gran Canaria and London, Sicily is a place where we both delight in spending time with the Conigliaro family, relaxing, sipping ice-cold Campari, and eating our way through the days. That video was the perfect inspiration given the fact we were already in a summery seaside place so we just tried to recreate it, our own way.

What was your shooting and recording process like for "Girls and Boys?" Did you direct the video yourself? How did you come up with and execute your comedic concept? The idea was to find the right spot and film it in one single shoot just turning the camera around. In a couple of days of scouting, we came across that little passage in a village called Castellammare Del Golfo, we thought it was perfect because both sides of it had a sea view. Our Australian friends Georgina and George helped with the camera. The rest was quite straightforward as we dress and look exactly like that in day-to-day life, I guess we’re ‘comedic’ by nature. After the shooting, I edited the video with the valiant help of my housemate Rocco Venanzi here in Gran Canaria.

What did you want your viewers to feel and experience after watching your music video for "Girls and Boys?" Do you often try to trigger a laugh or two within your visuals? I don’t really try to “trigger” laughs in my videos, I like 80s inspired fashion, heavily saturated tape cameras, beaches, and sunny locations. But I’m happy if people enjoy it regardless of my initial intentions. How do music videos like "Girls and Boys" represent your brand? Will your record label Bandama be going forward with this nostalgic and tongue-in-cheek approach? Definitely, I’d like to refine the style but I think this kind of aesthetic goes well with my music and I really like the DIY approach, control freaks like myself love uncompromising power hehe.


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