Group Ninety-5 Brings A Truly Comprehensive Sound With "Heat Check"!

Trio Ninety-5 is bringing a refreshing and modern sound to the BuzzMusic platform! We can safely assume that there isn't a ton of music out there like that of Ninety-5's! The group formed not too long ago, and have been curating original, one-of-a-kind tracks, that will probably leave you feeling completely intrigued. We feel a variety of emotions while listening to the likes of Ninety-5, and we know it'll have the BuzzMusic listeners feeling the same way! Their latest unconventional track: "Heat Check"!

Ninety-5! What a trio! Their vibe surges with such intensity and playful aspect, it's beyond amusing! "Heat Check" is an eclectic take on alternative music. With the release of "Heat Check", we can definitively say that Ninety-5 is breaking barriers within the music community. As an alternative hip/hop/rap group, Ninety-5 brings an eccentric and powerful sound to all tracks, especially so with "Heat Check". Ninety-5 is the type of trio that releases those types of tracks that are simply fun to listen to. We don't have to worry about missing an underlying integral message, as we receive pure entertainment from the trio. If you want an enjoyable track, that incorporates a variety of alternative rap/hip-hop aspects, then "Heat Check" is undoubtedly the track for you! 

Access Ninety-5's "Heat Check" here, and keep scrolling for our interview with the artist!

Hey there Ninety-5! It's amazing to be able to feature "Heat Check" here on BuzzMusic and to expose our listeners to such a raw and original sound. How did you three come up with the essence of your sound?

Our sound is different on every record we make, we try to give a feeling or emotion when making the instrumental and usually carry that throughout the track. For this song Heat Check the beat was made by Rosko Keyes, he titled the beat "Hot As Fuck" and we sort of rolled with that imagery. We each wrote a verse that cohesively flowed with each other while also telling an individual story about when something got heated in our lives and Heat Check was made!

"Heat Check" definitely had our attention grabbed right away! It's eccentric, and undoubtedly a sound we aren't familiar with. How did the curation process go for this particular track? Any creative clashes between the three of you?

We answered this question in the previous one a little but we can touch upon it a bit more! The instrumental was made by Rosko. When we had one of our writing sessions and we were showcasing our own beats to the group this one stood out to Membrain in particular and he wanted to hop on it immediately! From there we started thinking of concepts for the song and we got to writing! We each write individually then come together once were finished to hear each others verses. Often times there is re-writes during the recording session if somebody brings to much heat, the others have to step up lol. For this song there weren't any moments of clashing just more so the notions from each person say "this song needs more variety" to which we added more sound effects, more doubles, ad libs and such.

What steps do you all take to ensure that your sound is ultimately as authentic as it can be? 

We usually ask each other about each others verse before we record the song, reciting it out loud before laying it down to see if anyone has critiques. If we think the verses are dope we usually lay it down the base layer of vocals and then see how it sounds. If averse is whack or out of place the person who wrote it usually knows upon first listen and starts writing a new verse to lay down next recording session. Membrain edits and mixes all of the songs so the group individually gets their input at every stage of mixing until satisfied. We do everything ourselves when it comes to the process of the song; Beat Making, Writing, Recording, Editing and Mixing as well as the artwork and marketing so we have our hands in every single process until the release to make sure our vision is there.

Where do you imagine the best setting is to experience "Heat Check"? How would you each personally describe the track to someone who hasn't given it a listen to yet?

This song is a car banger 100%. One of our homies was blasting it in his car and pulled up to a light and the guy next to him started bobbing his head along to it and wanted to know the song and group, that's how you know when a song BANGS! lol. I think we all agree that this song is about bringing the heat, experiencing the heat, basking in the heat and cooking with heat because this song is Hot As F*ck.

It was awesome to have you all here on BuzzMusic! What's the goal for Ninety-5 as a trio, and for each of you individually as artists?

We appreciate your time as well! For Ninety-5 we want to show people that we're here to enjoy live to the fullest and evoke a different emotion with every song we create! We want to tour the world and experience new things that will broaden our musical horizons! 


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