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Grow Through the Motions with Jesse Brady's Latest Single, "TRANSFORMATIONS"

Growing up in Southwest Florida, Jesse Brady is the definition of being the whole package. With a mind that loves to explore ginormous ideas, she's a multi-faceted artist who happens to be a poet, songwriter, producer, and artist with the depth of Joni Mitchell, the fun quirkiness of Billie Eilish, and a unique production style.

From a young age, she would create songs with her mother to prompt her to remember everything from her address to buckling her seatbelt. With a passion for creativity, she learned to find the beauty in mistakes, with an attitude constantly focused on the saying; the show must go on.

Commencing the signature single, “TRANSFORMATIONS,” a funk-fueled bassline immediately sends you into a courageous rhythmic jive of anticipation. Jesse Brady’s soothing vocalization comforts you with relatable topics that go deeper than the surface of your identity. You feel an immediate connection to the literate depth that she sprawls through her intricate storytelling techniques.

Jesse Brady has a knack for adding humor into the words that she shines a light upon. Expressing herself in a manner that is therapeutic to her very being, she adds laughter in hopes that her audience will pick up on the gentle notes of authenticity.

With the chorus of, “TRANSFORMATIONS,” acting as a reminder to herself, Jesse Brady reiterates methods of how to handle the difficult times in life that sprout periods of growth. Jesse Brady is wise beyond her years in the lessons that she conveys through the melodic bout of, “TRANSFORMATIONS.” There is more than meets the eye through the intricate structures she builds from the ground up.

She embodies an exclusive flair that is purely inimitable. You come to realize that each winding road this single takes has you venturing through. With Jesse Brady’s unmatched talents, she is a force to be reckoned with as she drizzles her quirky and loveable, upbeat persona throughout her extensive creativity.

“TRANSFORMATIONS,” carries such a striking progression through the moments that pass as the song plays. If listeners could take anything away from it, what would you want that to be?

I would want my listeners to take away a sense of hope and togetherness, a sense that they’re not alone. I’m happiest when I feel like I’m growing or transforming in some way. Growth can be a gradual process, and today, it can be easy to feel behind when we fall into the comparison trap. However, we are all unique and on different paths. My favorite line in the song is “We don’t work like remote control cars.” To me, this means exactly that. We don’t come with directions and we don’t “go” at the push of a button. We are human, unique, and we are changing every day. Life is not simple or always predictable, but it is a process where we can have some control over our actions and thoughts. Change is inevitable, and in my experience, given time, things have a way of working out when I move forward, learn from mistakes, and have faith. Transformation takes time and during the process, when a lot is out of my control, I try my best to relax and take one step a time, learn something, be present, do something positive or just watch the stars and take a break, step away. Sometimes, the best we can do is just close our eyes and let things fall into place.

You have such an interesting story behind the creation of this project. With you tackling the production yourself and then teaming up with Bill McDermott, how was it working with one another to give, “TRANSFORMATIONS,” the sound it has today?

The opportunity to work with Bill McDermott has been a blessing. He appreciates my ideas, no matter how quirky, and he understands me as an artist. He was careful to preserve a lot of my original production, while enhancing the sonic quality and adding elements that completed it, such as the awesome electric guitars, that he played. I especially liked recording vocals with Bill, because he notices vocal nuances, and he taught me that a great vocal performance is a collection of moments. Thanks to Bill, the final mix gained clarity, cohesion, and shine. His humility and expertise create an environment, where I feel comfortable enough to be myself and take creative risks. It’s a blast working with Bill.

How important is it for you to incorporate a little laughter in the music that you create?

I always aim to entertain with my music while also delivering something of substance. I love to make people laugh, and I find so much joy in creating music. Laughing at myself, my imperfections, and my insecurities are liberating for me. Songwriting is therapy. I love approaching it with honest emotion and sharing the experience with an audience where they laugh, cry, and overall, relate. Music connects people and proves that we aren’t alone in the same joys and fears that could isolate us if we kept silent about them. Melody makes me brave enough to speak authentically. No matter what I say, the music helps me feel safe enough to share.

With musical influences such as Johnny Cash, to the Cranberries, Bob Dylan to Radiohead, and the list goes on, how do you allow their influence to speak into the music that you create?

I appreciate the originality and distinction of these artists and so many others that have an identifying and unique sound. Radiohead’s raw emotion has always inspired me. Fake Plastic Trees is one of my favorite songs. At the end of the day, it’s all about communicating a story. I think Dylan’s stream of consciousness and instinctual lyrics have always resonated with me. His lyrics carry so much weight, so simply, with rhyme and reason. I relate to Dylan’s artistry and appreciate his unique voice. My grandpa introduced me to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, and I love the simplicity and truth in their storytelling. The Cranberries’ Linger is another favorite song. I love the effortless strength in the vocals and the beautiful melodies; the lyrics are concise and packed with emotion. Appreciating music from different genres and times inspires me to write and produce a distinctive lyric and sound. What could be better than having a listener say, “That’s Jesse Brady…” In short, these artists speak to me because they are truly themselves. They are individually and wonderfully distinct, and this inspires me.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

Listeners should know I write with authenticity, honesty, humor, and heart. I hope they find my production interesting and meaningful, and my lyrics to be relatable with a twist. They should also expect to be kept on their toes with a hopeful message and a whole range of emotions. I hope listeners can enjoy my music while they get ready to go to work, or on a long car ride. I hope “Transformations,” is a friend to anyone going through a difficult time... a reminder that it's okay to look up at the sky and watch the stars, and it's okay to not have everything figured out because no one does. After all, we don't work like remote control cars.

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